War of Monarchia

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The War of Monarchia
Name: The War of Monarchia

Status: Ended through Peace Treaty

Formed: September 27th, 2017
Disbanded: October 6th, 2017

Clans: United Alliance, Clipiiii's Gang
Bases: Monarchia

The War of Monarchia was a nine-day war fought at the former United Alliance capital city of Monarchia from September 27th to October 6th, 2017. The War of Monarchia was fought between the United Alliance and "Clipiiii's Gang", a temporary gang created by clipchip to specifically oppose and rival the UA. The war, which was mainly fought by ostrich1414 and JavelinFury of the UA and clipchip of Clipiiii's Gang, featured less destruction and physical damage when compared to other larger wars of SimPvP's history, but was nonetheless pivotal in shaping the server's political future to come, resulting in new clans, alliances and The Cold War.


The background of the War of Monarchia was simple: ostrich1414 had just recently returned from a year-and-a-half long hiatus on January 2017, and decided to start anew as he began to work on his first major project, the memorial city of Quinsigamond. Ostrich1414 received assistance from JavelinFury and clipchip, as well as Z33VN, and the four began to continue progressing the city's growth. By May 2017, as the city was nearing completion, ostrich1414 and JavelinFury decided to create their own clan, as during this time, there were no active or influential teams. Using Quinsigamond's theme of history and memorialization as a base, the two founded The Remembrance, later renaming it the United Alliance.

After Quinsigamond was complete in late May, ostrich1414 and JavelinFury found a new location for their capital city, which was to be named Monarchia. By this point, membership in the United Alliance was growing, as were potential candidates to work at Monarchia. With many big names attached to the list and many creative minds, the UA was an ambitious organization, as was its plans for Monarchia, which was to be a massive city adorned with vibrant, distinct districts each made by a different player. By July of 2017, Monarchia had reached its peak, as had the UA's membership, but fellow member clipchip was growing skeptical of JavelinFury and ostrich1414's mindless inclusivity: as long as they were willing to play on the server long-term and participate in team affairs, nearly anyone was accepted into the UA.



The events of the War of Monarchia would truly pick up when clipchip would begin formally voicing his distaste for the UA's allowance of certain players, and by late July of 2017, his annoyance was becoming more apparent as ostrich1414 and JavelinFury continued to ignore him.

Worldruler086 and clipchip's Departure

Worldruler086 had been recently invited into the United Alliance by ostrich1414 and JavelinFury when they decided to revamp and rebuild Virunum, one of the cities they worked on alongside pippenger until it was destroyed by the Blue Orchid Cult in 2015 during the First Great War. As Virunum had a massive cobblestone mountain covering the entire city, it was seen as useless and unnecessary to dwell upon, but the UA commissioned worldruler086 to remove the mountain and rebuild Virunum. To keep a distinction from The Principate's Virunum and the UA's Virunum, worldruler086 decided to rename it "Verillium".

Years before the UA, worldruler086 and clipchip had had personal problems with each other, especially regarding clipchip's alt, Melvin3000. Supposedly, worldruler086 had griefed one of Melvin3000's bases and killed him, thus sparking a rift between the two and an urge for revenge in clipchip's mind. When worldruler086 returned from a long hiatus in 2017 and joined the UA, this gave clipchip the perfect opportunity to enact his revenge.

On August 22nd, 2017, worldruler086 was invited to leave Verillium and come to Monarchia, where he would be given a tour and shown around the city. A portal system was set up by JavelinFury, and worldruler086 soon arrived; all the while, clipchip was vocing his distaste in chat, furious that ostrich1414 would allow him into his team and disapproving of worldruler086's acceptance to Monarchia. Regardless, ostrich1414 ignored him, saying it would be fine. Upon worldruler086's arrival, and various other warnings from clipchip to remove him from the UA and the city, clipchip drank an invisible potion and stalked his opponent. When ostrich1414 and JavelinFury continued to ignore him, clipchip snapped: he ambushed worldruler086, attacking him in the middle of the city and killing him, looting his belongings. Clipchip then destroyed his own work, a floating island known as the Mile High Club, and fled the city, officially declaring his departure from the United Alliance. Clipchip was no longer a member of the clan, and though he remained friends with JavelinFury and ostrich1414 after these events, it only increased tensions and furthered the rift between them.

The Formation of Clipiiii's Gang and clipchip's Castle

As tensions were high, by September 2017, clipchip took things further by creating "Clipiiii's Gang", a temporary, informal clan used to specifically counter and oppose the UA and its goals. Though it was at first seen as an amusing creation, clipchip took things further by returning to the city of Monarchia and constructing his own building. Right by the Roma district, clipchip constructed a large castle, perched atop Monarchian soil, violating the UA's rules of construction. As clipchip was no longer a UA member or affiliate, he could no longer build at UA cities, and by doing so anyways, further soured relations between himself and the UA. Ostrich1414 and JavelinFury were annoyed by this, and upon approaching the castle to speak to clipchip, they were both immediately shot down and killed on sight. By this point, the UA had seriously begun taking clipchip's threats seriously, and war appeared to be on the horizon. Though clipchip was the only member of Clipiiii's Gang, he was still regarded as a highly powerful and capable threat.


Ostrich1414 and Porkington's Secret Plans

A few months prior to these events, in June 2017, ostrich1414's longtime friend and ally pippenger returned to the server, using his alt Porkington. He was subsequently invited to join the United Alliance, and was brought over to Monarchia to help. Porkington was also allies with JavelinFury and clipchip, and thus was met with approval and excitement upon joining. However, by late August 2017, after clipchip left the UA, things began to slow down for the team: Monarchia's construction was slowing and decreasing, as were the UA's many other projects. Many of its members were either inactive or frequently AFK, and JavelinFury and clipchip were also focusing on their own side-projects in their clan The Conspiracy, including their city Golden Sun. Thus, ostrich1414 and Porkington both grew bored and dismayed by the UA's slow period, spending too much time AFK at Monarchia or wandering through an already-completed Quinsigamond. Instead, they decided that if they were to create their own team together, they could move on and do things their own way.

Ostrich1414 and Porkington developed a plan: ostrich1414 was to deliberately start a war with clipchip in order to eventually dismantle the UA and leave its grasp, as ostrich1414 was the leader and forced to deal with its affairs. He was to hand over all control to clipchip, which would remove focus from them and return it to the UA's many bases and cities, which would be a lot for clipchip. Porkington, meanwhile, would "join" Clipiiii's Gang to establish a false rift between himself and ostrich1414, which would effectively deceive clipchip into thinking he had an advantage and giving the war even more legitimacy. When ostrich1414 eventually surrendered to clipchip, the two would leave the inactive and dismantled UA, free to be left on their own and begin their own projects as they worked on their first base. As the plan was closer to becoming a reality, it was clear that war was immanent and would happen no matter what.

The War of Monarchia Begins (and Ends)

On September 27th, 2017, ostrich1414's recklessness grew as he forced himself upon clipchip countless times, and tensions skyrocketed. Meanwhile, Porkington subsequently "left" the United Alliance and joined Clipiiii's Gang, furthering ostrich1414's reason to declare war. As clipchip and Porkington worked together in their fortified castle to plan an invasion of Monarchia and attack ostrich1414, ostrich1414 had begun to secretly travel to the side of the castle, building a spy tower beside it. As clipchip would shoot anyone inside his castle, ostrich1414 decided to build a tower next to it, not inside it, and thus evaded clipchip's attacks as he built the spy tower upwards in an effect to see his two opponents.


Before war was declared, the United Alliance and Clipiiii's Gang both had similar interests: they both wanted control of the city of Monarchia, and as clipchip's castle violated the UA's control of it, it was clear he was planning to invade it. Clipchip also wanted control of the UA itself, and its other bases, removing those he didn't like and placing those he did like in charge of certain bases. The UA, meanwhile, wanted to evict Clipiiii's Gang from Monarchia and cripple his power.

As ostrich1414 finished his tower, he stood at the top of it and began shooting at clipchip, trying to kill him. In reaction, clipchip shot back at ostrich1414 and flew down to the foundations of ostrich1414's tower, blowing it up with TNT. This came after multiple threats of clipchip saying he would destroy ostrich1414's tower. Seeing this as a clear act of aggression and war, ostrich1414 officially declared war on Clipiiii's Gang, on behalf of the United Alliance, and thus the aptly-titled "War of Monarchia" was on.

Two days after war was declared, after frequent fighting and attacks, clipchip moved on with his invasion of Monarchia, building a long wall around certain parts of the city, claiming the land for himself. In this land, he captured Porkington's unfinished tower, the Roma district, and the beginning of ostrich1414's Bostonia district, as well as his spy tower. This angered ostrich1414, and in response, he snuck in at night when clipchip was offline and destroyed the entirety of the wall, rebuilding it around clipchip's castle and reclaiming the lost land, as well as constructing a trench around the wall.


The next day, a series of aerial and ground fights occurred, this time capturing UA member SirTashingdon in the mix. As JavelinFury and clipchip flew in the air using their elytras, they continuously shot each other and tried to kill each other mid-air. Meanwhile, ostrich1414 stayed on the ground and invaded clipchip's castle, claiming it for himself and shooting at clipchip in the sky from the castle's tower. After multiple deaths and attacks, ostrich1414 retreated to the UA Headquarters, a star-shaped fort where SirTashingdon was working. Clipchip repeatedly attacked ostrich1414 here, and, in the mix, shot SirTashingdon, who was attempting to remain neutral. This further escalated the war, and ostrich1414 and clipchip continued to fight, ostrich1414 not yet surrendering.

Eventually, the war received a small cool-down. Violent attacks slowly diminished as clipchip left signs around the city, trying to quell the war and get ostrich1414 to surrendur. Ostrich1414 rebuilt much of the destroyed buildings, and, all the while, continued to talk with Porkington in secret, planning a surrender date which would render the UA obsolete and result in clipchip's victory so they could leave for their own secret clan.


On October 6th, 2017, ostrich1414 approached clipchip's castle and the two began to talk of peace. As tensions decreased and the war appeared to be over, ostrich1414 officially surrendered to clipchip on behalf of the United Alliance, and thus the War of Monarchia was over. Ostrich1414 was removed from his position as leader, making clipchip the new leader of the UA, in control of all of its bases, including Monarchia. Though the UA technically existed a few days after the war, not much occurred until clipchip renamed it The Royal Allegiance and reorganized and restructured it, making ostrich1414 his personal "indentured servant". Porkington was let back into the UA, later RA, as well, and things appeared to go back to normal.


The end of the War of Monarchia resulted in the death of the United Alliance and the birth of the Royal Allegiance, clipchip's restructured and reorganized UA. The RA shifted many of its member's positions, as well as eradicating certain players and bases from its control. The RA also instated Yukarionism as its "religion", discounting The Order of Wilbur. This may have led to the decline of the Order of Wilbur's influence on the server, and instead gave Yukarionism an edge.

Likewise, the RA, having control of the UA's bases, did very little with it, and clipchip as its head appeared to neglect the clan he now led. This established the RA as a "half-dead" clan, rarely working on projects and serving only as a title for certain players. Instead, clipchip and JavelinFury focused on their own projects for the Conspiracy. Meanwhile, ostrich1414 and Porkington, alongside their ally Master_Xybot (SirTashingdon's alt) were able to work on their own projects, eventually establishing their team The League and officially withdrawing from the RA.

However, most apparent and taking these effects into account, the War of Monarchia would lead into The Cold War, a period of political tension between ostrich1414 and Porkington versus clipchip and JavelinFury as the four used the Royal Allegiance as a "pseudo-clan" to withhold relations, when in secret they were both focusing on their own projects for the League and the Conspiracy, respectively.

The War of Monarchia not only led to the establishment of multiple new clans, but it also led to the death of many bases, including Monarchia itself, giving Quinsigamond more influence instead. It only increased tensions and furthered strife, and will always be remembered as a short, albeit impactful war.