The Royal Allegiance

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The Royal Allegiance
Name: The Royal Allegiance

Status: Active

Formed: October 2017

Members: Listed in the "Members" Section
Bases: Monarchia, Quinsigamond, The Tomb, Stonetown, Aggersel, Tamarisk, Verillium, Westeros

The Royal Allegiance is a clan dedicated to Yukarianism and was created by clipchip to merge the United Alliance with clipiii's gang after winning the war of Monarchia. Considering clipiii's gang consisted of just clipchip and Porkington (both being former members of the UA), the merge could be called a simple swap of power between ostrich1414 and clipchip.

Changes to the UA

The goals of The Royal Allegiance are similar to the United Alliance with the following changes:

  • Instate Yukarianism as the core religion.
  • Use as much force as is necessary to obliterate The Order of Wilbur and all its remaining followers.
  • Unclaim any bases that were not made by members of the clan.
  • Replace the undecipherable hierarchy of ranks instated by ostrich1414 with an easy to follow alternative.


All clan ranks have been simplified into the following hierarchy:

  • Chancellor - The leader of the clan.
  • Lord - A leader of a base inside the clan.
  • Commoner - A member of a base (Not always exclusive to just 1).
  • Indentured Servant - A slave without the racial implications.


These are the current members of the RA:

  • clipchip, Chancellor of The Royal Allegiance
  • Diana, Chancelless of the Royal Allegiance

These are the former members of the RA and their positions prior to their departure:

  • Porkington, Lord of Tamarisk (Withdrew for The League on January 5th, 2018)
  • SirTashingdon, Lord of Monarchia (Withdrew for The League on January 5th, 2018)
  • ostrich1414, clipchip's Indentured Servant (Withdrew from The League on January 5th, 2018)
  • worldruler086, Lord of Verillium (Withdrew for The League on January 5th, 2018)


A new chanceless?

On November 25th (The middle of the heated admin election) Diana became the Chanceless of the Royal Allegiance after Dakkadok tried to tell clipchip that a Chanceless was not a real thing.