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Name: Uinia

Status: Griefed and abandoned

Formed: 2014

Coords: -1750, -1550
Members: pippenger, ostrich1414, Cdnam5

Uinia is a castle created by pippenger, ostrich1414 and Cdnam5 in 2014. Located in a desert biome near Spawn, Uinia is a massive stonebrick castle that, at one point, contained hundreds of jack-o-lanterns placed around the property (though many of these have been removed by now). Nearby the castle, ostrich1414 converted a griefed, abandoned village into a concentration camp which specialized in "exterminating gravel", as ostrich1414 vehemently hated gravel at the time.

The three founders of Uinia founded a small organization known as "The Noobtree Foundation" which promoted the repair of spawn and assisting new players; Uinia was their first, and last, major project.

On February 20, 2019, YeeterMyPeeter heavily griefed and lavacasted the castle.

Uinia1.png UiniaII.png UiniaIII.png UiniaGreif.png