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Sigil Cityscape.png
Name: Sigil

Status: Abandone and Griefed

Formed: January 8th, 2020
Abandoned: January 17th, 2020

Coords: -325800, 411600
Members: Listed in the "Members" Section

Sigil was a city founded by VetoTheNeato, with the members made up of some of the former members of Yittrium, or various other bases. The base was founded on January 8th, 2020. Sigil was also home to what was known as The Sigil Conflict, a series of religious and political disputes that culminated into violence and the base's ultimate abandonment on January 17th, 2020. Retrospectively, Sigil has become one of Simpvp's most infamous bases, with its reputation as a base that barely lasted a week. The lasting legacy of Sigil has nothing to do with the base itself, but with the events that took place there and the longstanding conflict that it spawned.

Below is a list of Sigil's current active members (listed in chronological order by their join date):

Many builds in Sigil were conceptualized within days or even hours of the base's founding. Builds like VetoTheNeato's Shitstania Museum, Cheesy_Chips22's house, Kadenis's Sandstone Tower, Lord's Francillian Chapel, Wawuwiva's hilltop Castle, GummiBearz's house, and DiGGing4gold's temporary farm island. All these bases were well underway within 48 hours of the base's conception.


Founding and Early History

VetoTheNeato was a member of Yittrium. When the base fell, he gathered the ultimate group of players in order to make a "SimPvp Superpower". Despite only planning to invite 4-5 members, various players began to ask if they could join. Because of this, Sigil was extremely populated from the beginning. DiGGing4gold chose the spot, and all other members made the trek over shortly after, with them all arriving at the base within 48 hours. They all began their respective builds (see "Early Builds"), making great progress in record time. Members came from all walks of life, and all kinds of bases. Massive urban cities, sprawling solo bases, and even small spawn bases. All these players united under one banner; SIGIL. While Veto was traveling to the base, Ostrich1414 logged on. This was a rare occasion, as he hadn't been on for weeks and wouldn't log on for weeks afterward. He let Veto know that a player by the name of GummyBearz14 wanted to join the base, and that they could be trusted. They were immediately allowed into the base, becoming Sigil's final "Veteran Member". The members all arrived within a short span of time and left a sign detailing their exact time of arrival just outside the first temporary base.

The Francillian Revolt of January 15th

Veto and Cheesy_chips22 were chanting Wilburian propaganda in chat causing Lord1 and Willowienal as Francillians to revolt, a battle ensued with the first and last death being Veto killed by Lord. At that point everyone wanted to violence to stop so all parties arrived at the Sigil chapel to have a orderly court case. The court case lead to veto challenging the Francis faith in Sigil and exclaiming his own religion 'Vetoism' and eventually Cheesy killing Veto in the chapel. After tensions died down, all retracted their statements and Veto was blessed into the Francisism faith by Lord1 and Sigil was at peace again. This sudden change in theism was likely a ruse to get Lord to calm down, as Veto renounced his religious affiliation with Francis less than a few hours later.



On January 17th, just a few days after the founding of the base, Wawuwiva and Jtov vandalized Lord1's chapel by stripping it of all map art and literature and changed all signs to Wilburian propaganda, leading him to come back to the base and kill GummyBearz14 who was the only one at Sigil at the time. After giving her stuff back and apologizing kadanis attacked Lord1 whilst interrogating Wawuwiva but this fight didn't go anywhere. Lord1 proceeded to nddragoon's base to kill him after various threats and insults took place in chat against Lord. At this point nddragoon, Jtov, kadenis, and VetoTheNeato decided to leak the coordinates and abandon the base. nddragoon respawned at Sigil subsequently getting killed by Unix and Lord1 two more times naked before breaking his bed and escaping to spawn.

Lord1 was put to trial on the Bloc for Clans Discord server and was demoted as delegate for the Church of Francis. This resulted in the end of Sigil as a whole, with the entire issue coming to be referred to as The Sigil Conflict.

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