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Ingame name: Wolfbitten
Alts: SpenPen, Capnruch
Status: Try’na Live His Best Life
First joined: October 2013

Location: The True North, Strong and Free

An alternate account of Capnruch.

High Rock

After some exploring he found a solid place to set up his first camp in an extreme hills biome. There he built and auto-farms, villager auto-trader, blaze-grinder, and built up his resource stock. He then built up the walls and built the central tower close to the maximum build height. Near the end of his residence at High Rock, Wolfbitten fought and killed a Wither and placed a beacon in the central tower. High Rock was the name given to the fort at about the same time this page was written.

morl0ck's Castle

After expressing his interests in moving, Wolfbitten received a potential invite to morl0ck's renowned castle. After consulting other members of the team, morl0ck allowed Wolfbitten to journey to the castle. He now resides there, taking on the full time position of the castle's maid servant.

Axis of Allies

- - morl0ck - el_andres96 - EggThief - LegendaryArtz - LetsGetTr0pical

Axis of Evil

- Iran, Iraq, and one of the Koreas - Enron - The Economy - Senator Tom Daschle - France - Germany, Italy, and Japan - Dick Cheney - Evil Knievel - and Math