Morl0ck's Castle

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morl0ck's Castle (unofficial), Harrenhal (official)
Name: morl0ck's Castle (unofficial), Harrenhal (official)

Status: Inactive, intact
Date: Started construction Mid-2013

Abandoned: 6 January 2017

Members: morl0ck, Renf0x, EricCMiller, LetsGetTr0pical, el_andres96, LegendaryArtz, Wolfbitten, Ellitra


The grounds of the castle spans a 450x450 block area, with a large two-layer curtain wall surrounding it. Due to the size of the wall, it was noted to take close to a whole inventory of stone bricks to raise the outer layer's height by one block.

It was abandoned on 6 January 2017, due to fears it would not be long until it was found, due to the advent of elytra rocket flying.

The main centerpiece of the castle is the Tower Keep, which is a 30 block diameter tower that reaches height limit. Sitting on top of the tower is a 41-block diameter sphere made of blue stained glass, which is filled with water and acts as a PVP arena. Underneath the tower is The Undercroft, the main functional area of the castle. The undercroft is mainly a series of long hallways which contains storage, automatic farms, and the like.

Harrenhal was once stated by the admin to be the largest base on the server by number of blocks, however this was several years ago and possibly no longer true, likely superseded in size by one of the more recent large-scale team city projects (see Aggersel and Ascaris).

Harrenhal is one among the longest-running projects on the server that remained un-discovered and un-griefed from the time it was first constructed to its retirement.

Team Members

In order of their joining, the team members of the castle were morl0ck, Renf0x, el_andres96, EricCMiller, LegendaryArtz, LetsGetTr0pical, Wolfbitten, Ellitra.

Current Farms

The Castle possesses the following noteworthy farms:

  • Double Blaze
  • Double Skeleton
  • Guardian
  • Witch
  • Pigman (90 portal)

Iron Trench

Before the 1.8 update, morl0ck constructed a large iron farm named "The Iron Trench", a 32 village iron farm that produced 1300 iron ingots per hour. Unfortunately, the 1.8 update completely changed village mechanics and so this build stopped working along with the update. However, the massive structure still sits in the desert as an old relic and reminder of the good ol' days.


Harrenhal was retired in January 2016 after the surprise 1.11.2 update, which added rocket elytra flight to the game.


Morl0ck's Castle was discovered by the player jayaypiel on 29 January 2017. Jayaypiel, by a matter of chance, had been living fewer than 1,000 blocks from the castle grounds for at least a year. He was not hostile.


This project is no longer active. The screenshots of it and conversations can be found here: