X:250 Z:1200

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Xestia's Town
Name: Xestia's Town

Status: Abandoned

Formed: No Data (Possibly around 2011 - 2012)

Coords: x=250 z=1200
Members: Xestia, Other Undocumented Players

Xestia's Town, more commonly known as x250 z1200, is an all-obsidian area of land located at x:250 z:1200. It was made by Xestia and a few allies many years ago (not long after the map reset.) Although the exact start date is uncertain, it can be inferred that it was created sometime around 2011 - 2012. It includes a fortress completely surrounded by lava, which was not penetrated until fire resistance potions were added into the game. A huge all-obsidian sign was also built at spawn with the text "Town at x:250 z:1200", and although this has been mostly griefed by now, parts of the sign are still visible. It was the place of many battles, and was kept active for at least a year.

Xestia's town.png

For years, Xestia's Town remained virtually undisturbed, even being nearby Spawn, only being used as an important landmark and piece of server history. However, around mid-2017, the base began to find itself being used for one very important resource - obsidian. As obsidian is very time-consuming to mine and difficult to collect in mass quantities, a few players began to recognize the area as a hotspot for bulk obsidian collecting. The area was first used commercially by ostrich1414 in 2017 as the United Alliance began to grow and demanded obsidian for its projects; since then, over the next two years, the base began to diminish in size and resources as obsidian mining increased.

By the beginning of 2019, Xestia's Town was all but eradicated. As shown in the picture below from January 2019, the central obsidian tower in the middle, as well as the cobblestone tower in the back, were both demolished; much of the obsidian in the ground platform below was removed as well, revealing the swampy water beneath it. Much of this destruction was due to Struthio's great demand for sixteen total chests of obsidian for a gold farm project, but many other players and bases have contributed to its decreasing size as well. As of now, the obsidian town barely resembles its former self.