X:250 Z:1200

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Xestia's town
Name: Xestia's town

Status: Abandoned?

Formed: ???
Abandoned: ???

Coords: 250, 1200
Members: Xestia, ???

Xestia's town, commonly known as x250 z1200, is an all-obsidian town located at x:250 z:1200. It was made by Xestia and allies a long time ago (not long after the map reset.) It includes a fortress completely surrounded by lava, which was not penetrated until fire resistance potions were added to the game. A huge all-obsidian sign was also built at spawn with the text "Town at x:250 z:1200", although this has been mostly griefed by now, parts of the sign are still visible.

Xestia's town.png

It was the place of many battles, and was kept active for at least a year. Being all obsidian, it's mostly still there, but I don't think anybody still lives there.