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Castle Argemone
Argemone CityFront1.png
Name: Castle Argemone

Status: Abandoned

Formed: January 2016

Location: -8000, +8000
Members: Pippenger, SirTashingdon, Porkington, ae0

Schematic: File:Argemone 2018 01 07.tar.gz

Argemone is a castle-town built mostly by Pippenger and SirTashingdon in January 2016. Porkington, ae0, and members of Orion's team lived there as well. Argemone was originally built as a part of The Principate. Two years after the Principate's fall, Argemone was reclaimed by The League and turned into a publicly available base, the coordinates available to all.

The base is also available for download.


Argemone was founded early in 2016, during the Great War between The Principate and the Blue Orchid Cult.

Not long after its completion, Argemone was abandoned, not because it was discovered, but because The Principate collapsed and Pippenger left the server. The base has sat largely unused, only slightly griefed since then.

On January 6th, 2018, Argemone was reclaimed by The League, which made the base's coordinates public and attached it to the nether railway system. The nether connection can be found at -1000 x, +12 y, +1000 z.


Argemone Map1.png

Argemone is a castle town, comprised of a wide, relatively low square outer wall holding farms and small houses, and within that, a taller, circular wall with round towers. In the innermost section of town is the central tower, as well as many functional buildings such as a library and a storehouse.

Outer Walls

Argemone Gate1.png

The city is protected by outer walls and a locked gate. In the grassy areas between the outer and inner walls, there are several buildings.

Farm House

Argemone ChickenHouse1.png

A small house to store chicken products.

Water Gate

Argemone Watergate1.png

A small back gate and dock. Absolutely scandalous.


Argemone Windmill1.png

Argemone gets 90% of its energy from renewable resources such as wind power (it actually doesn't).

Villager Breeder

Argemone VillagerFarm1.png

Most of the villagers are not allowed into the town and are instead kept in a box out behind the outer walls.

Katrina's House

Argemone Katrina2.png

A house that Katrina and Orion formerly lived in.

Argemone Katrina1.png

Argemone KatrinaInterior1.png


Argemone Church1.png

A church mainly meant for decoration, but also for housing a few religious villagers.

Argemone ChurchInterior1.png

Argemone ChurchInterior2.png

Argemone ChurchInterior3.png

Inner Walls

Argemone CityView1.png

The round inner walls contain the most important buildings of Argemone.


Argemone Library1.png

The city library contains a level 30 enchanting table, as well as a few villager librarians.

Argemone Library2.png

Argemone LibraryInterior1.png

Furnace House

Argemone FurnaceExterior1.png

The furnace house was used to produce stone brick for the large walls.

Argemone FurnaceInterior1.png

Argemone CityView1.png

Storage House

Argemone StorageExterior1.png

Space for extra resources.

Argemone StorageInterior1.png

Residential House

Argemone House1.png

A house lived in by Pippenger and other residents of the city.

Argemone HouseInterior1.png

Potion Brewery

Argemone AlchemyHouse1.png

Where the city's potions were prepared.

Argemone AlchemyInterior1.png

Mob Grinder

Argemone Grinder1.png

The mob grinder is disguised by a domed tower facade.

Argemone GrinderInterior1.png

Central Tower

Argemone CentralTower1.png

The tallest building in town is its central tower, intended to be the seat of Principate power in the spawn region.

Argemone CentralTower2.png

However, it was later repurposed as a nether subway station by The League.