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Ingame name: SirTashingdon
Alts: Master_Xybot
Status: Active-ish
First joined: 12th June 2015

Location: England

Clans: The Mountain Lords (defunct), The Order (defunct), The Principate (defunct), The Royal Allegiance
Bases: Half the Empire, Argemone, Legrandia, Monarchia, Ascaris

SirTashingdon is a player who joined the server in summer 2015. He is one of the only, if not the only British players on the server and is a loyal patriot..

The /worldrat

SirTashingdon joined the server in mid June 2015, after browsing through server listing sites and selecting simpvp at random. He entered /world, and formed a small team called the mountain lords. This group was torn apart when two members, the Downing brothers, betrayed the team and accused ae0, an ally of Tashingdon, of griefing. The ensuing feud and revenge quest led to the destruction of all the buildings created by the team, and Tash returned to the overworld.

The Order

Ae0 Invited Tash to a city called Tamarisk, an old outpost of The Empire. He remained there for a while, until he decided to start his own team, The Order. Initial members included Allsixsix, Packofmongooses and CosmicKeenan. Tash discovered coordinates of old imperial bases near spawn, and traveled with CosmicKeenan to the city of Kudzu, which became the capital of The Order. Not much happened for a while, with Tash and the others repairing and improving Kudzu, and founding new settlements. CosmicKeenan was jailed for being a filthy hacker while at Kudzu, and Tash built a small memorial to him.

The Butterbitch

After a while, Tash and a player called Butterking456 decided to establish an entirely new city. They set off on a sea voyage, and founded the city of Forsta Stad. This city was, put simply, a shithole. Tash became less active, and butterking began to construct blocky eyesores across the landscape. Eventually, a griefer impersonated Sirtashingdon, tricking the intellectually questionable Butterking into giving him coordinates, and destroying Forsta Stad. Tash was offline when this happened, and he returned to find the city in ruins, and The Order nonexistent. Dismayed at the loss of his team, he was contacted by Allsixsix that same day informing him that the remnants of The Order had been absorbed into a new team, The Principate. Seeing a chance to recoup some of his losses, Tash immediately joined. The Order became a cell of The Principate, and Sirtashingdon returned to Kudzu to prepare for a role in the new team.

The war

One of the Principate's goals was to create unity through authoritarian rule. In mid december 2015, Sirtashingdon, along with Porkington took part in the invasion of the Nameless base Gregoria, declaring that the city and the team were now under the rule of The Principate. Tash developed the military base Tardok, from which the invasion was launched, and documented the event, taking pictures. Tash then joined Pippenger in building the city of Argemone. Nameless reformed as the Blue Orchid Cult and launched a series of retaliatory attacks against the Principate. Eventually, The grilling incident caused Pippenger reveal that he was about 90% of the people on the server and he went on an extended absence, leaving Tash without a team once again.

A new beginning with the UA and Pippenger's return

On the 21st of March 2016, Tash set off from Argemone with the aim of starting the project he and pip had been planning before the incident. Tash went offline when the 1.9 update dropped in March 2016, to do things like study for exams, take those exams, and apply for the Great British Bake off to show off his ginger nut recipe (he wasn't accepted). He remained offline until mid June 2016. On the 20th of June, Tash founded the base Legrandia, and upon the creation of the United Alliance and Pippenger's return, he joined the UA's capital city Monarchia, building the district of Morioh and working on Fort Mona. After the fall of the UA, Tash went offline again for a while, and set off for Pippenger's grand city of Ascaris upon his return, where he currently resides.