Blue Orchid Cult

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Blue Orchid Cult
Name: Blue Orchid Cult

Status: Inactive

Formed: January 2016

Members: iQuint, iFarazin, miniwimi, Infam0us2, CrackyJoe, M_BRIX
Bases: Unknown

The team Nameless was renamed Blue Orchid Cult after The Principate invaded their base, Gregoria. They were at war with The Principate and were searching for Principate bases to grief. However, the Principate no longer exists, and the Blue Orchid Cult no longer seems to exist either.

The Swedish incident

In mid-December 2015, Bloyster who is also Pippenger sold out the coords to their flying hub base, the flying donut, which had portal links to various farms. Pip sent his alt Porkington and SirTashingdon to take the base, and they swiftly located and captured it. The base was named Gregoria by The Principate, and Pip presented the team with a treaty that essentially forced them to either allow the Principate to use all their facilities and pay tax or abandon it.


Quint and his team remained relatively quiet until mid-January 2016 when they renamed their team and discovered a nether tunnel leading to the Principate base Virunum. They also discovered the location of Dakkadok's futuristic desert city Nos Astra. The BOC annihilated these bases with the use of a wither and sent postcards featuring them standing in the cities pre grief to Pippenger. The BOC openly declared war on the Principate and all its associates, and will not rest until all Principate affiliated bases are in ruins.

The Grilling Incident

After things got out of hand on the forums, Pippenger felt personally threatened when an image featuring DATA REDACTED was posted on the forums by BOC member DATA REDACTED in response to his alt Vast_Marcus' grilling of el_andres96. Pippenger revealed all his alts and left the server forever, destroying The Principate's tactical advantages over the BOC, and leaving the team a mess.


BOC does not believe that Pippenger truly has quit permanently. If Pip actually wanted to quit, he'd use an alt, fly around with it and get jailed/banned. BOC believes this is all just a part of Pip's manipulative plan to once again try to take over the server.


Pippenger did eventually return, but no longer pursues an aggressive policy towards Blue Orchid Cult members or members of any other team.