Battle of Swampland

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Battle of Swampland
Name: Battle of Swampland

Status: Won by the Red Empire
Date: 15th of September, 2020

Members: Order of Wilbur Combatants: ostrich1414, MoWobbler, ElectricChugg, Willowienal Church of Francis Combatants: Lord1, xexc, James8B

Build up to the battle

During a Church of Francis grief, Lord1 saw in chat that Electrichugg was at the public spawn base Barrier Town. Lord arrived and caught Electrichugg naked putting his gear in shulkers and swiftly killed him and stole it all. Electrichugg then went to /world and tried to rally people to help him fight the Francillians who were mocking and fighting him. Ostrich1414 on behalf of the Order Of Wilbur rallied behind Electrichugg as the Wilburians and Francillians have been sworn enemies for over a year. Ostrich then challenged the Francillians to a 3v3 battle near spawn, to which they accepted.

The Battle

The Wilburians consisting of Ostrich1414, MoWobbler and Electrichugg arrived first, soon after the Francillians consisting of Lord1, xexc and James8B. A brief standoff occurred before Lord led the charge against the enemy line. Within the first 10 minutes of the fight, Lord1 killed Electrichugg and the Francillians pushed the Wilburians into the lake next to the battlefield. The next 20 minutes of the battle consisted of water pvp however this annoyed the Francillians who then returned to the battlefield and tried to draw the Wilburians back too. For a brief moment, for the first ever time in a simpvp battle, trench warfare was utilised where the Francillians would entrench themselves, setting up crystals and bowing the Wilburians who were still in the river at this point. The remaining Wilburians would then dig their own trenches and dig towards the Francillians trenches and with reasonable success forced the Francillians to retreat to a different area.

The next 20 minutes of the battle was mostly more river pvp, this was until one of the spectators, Willowienal, illegally joined the Wilburians team and helped fight the Francillians. This would cause multiple other spectators to join their preferred team like Sellout9 who would help the Francillians after being bribed by Lord1. This was roughly the time Ostrich1414 would withdraw from the battle, leaving MoWobbler left fighting mostly on his own. Lord1 and xexc noticed this and would chase MoWobbler for a few hundred blocks, pvping him along the way until Mo would eventually admit defeat and fly away, all while multiple Francis/Wilbur supporters would still be battling at the original battlefield. After this, the Church of Francis would claim victory.


Order of Wilbur

  • Deaths: 2

Electrichugg x2

  • Totems popped: 5-10~

Church of Francis

  • Deaths: 0
  • totems popped: 5-10~