Barrier Town

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Barrier Town
Barrier Town View 1.png
Name: Barrier Town

Status: Griefed

Formed: September 14th, 2020

Members: SkullerG, Nebuelaz

Barrier Town is a small town founded by SkullerG and Nebuelaz on September 14th, 2020. Located near spawn, Barrier Town achieved infamy for its use of ghost blocks, or invisible "barrier blocks", which give gravity-affected items like sand, gravel, and water the illusion of floating. On the same night it was founded, SkullerG and Nebuelaz hosted a party at Barrier Town and invited over a dozen players to join in the festivities.



On September 14th, 2020, SkullerG, began testing out a method near spawn that allowed for the creation of invisible, permanent ghost "barrier blocks". These barrier blocks could then be used to place gravity-affected blocks and items on top of them, such as sand, gravel, or water, making it appear as though these items are floating. Furthermore, these barrier blocks are indestructible, meaning that they will reside at Barrier Town permanently. According to SkullerG, Barrier Town is the second base on SimPvP to utilize this method and possess legal barrier blocks--the first was his own base.

SkullerG, meanwhile, was joined by Nebuelaz, who began creating a large statue above the town. Nebuelaz primarily focused on building statues and structures while SkullerG created the barrier blocks, although the two began to slowly invite other players to join them. After a while, the pair decided to host a large serverwide party at Barrier Town that same night in order to show off their unique assets.

Barrier Town View 1.png Barrier Town View 2.png

Party Time

Very quickly, several notable SimPvP players began to arrive at the party to view the rare barrier blocks and to add their own creations to the base. Some of Barrier Town's party guests included GentleGiant69, Burger_Malone, 4Pilot, ostrich1414, Larp1, MoWobbler, willowienal, ElectricChugg, and AntHand, among others. Aside from SkullerG's barrier blocks and Nebuelaz's statues, some new structures created by these party guests included ostrich1414's Crafting Table House, 4Pilot's mini-castle, and Larp1's cottage.

Barrier Town 1.png Barrier Town 3.png

Much of the party consisted of SkullerG showing off his bizarre barrier block set-ups and tricks. These included his floating cobblestone generator, his sand/gravel hot tub, and a floating water slide. A massive redstone piston structure was also created, housing a full god set (although this was later stolen by an unknown player). Nonetheless, Barrier Town persisted as a unique spawn base, boasting many rare and wacky structures sure to capture the attention of many for some time, especially due to the indestructible nature of these barrier blocks.

Barrier Town 2.png Barrier Town 4.png Barrier Town 5.png


Unfortunately, notorious griefer Azdin soon demolished most of the builds at Barrier Town. Thanks to the barrier blocks' unique properties, he was unable to truly destroy them. Nonetheless, the once thriving town was no more.

In order to spite Azdin's efforts, the now-empty area was bombed a little while later.