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Ingame name: BoxyLiz
Alts: LittleBoxofEmo (Jen's account)

First joined: Forums: Fri Mar 09, 2012 7:14 pm
Last seen: Forums: Wed Mar 28, 2012 1:59 am

Location: Sweden[citation needed]

BoxyLiz had a close, real life relationship with another player, LittleBoxOfEmo. BoxyLiz was the co-leader of the large building projects and cities constructed by LittleBoxOfEmo, and these two players formed the basis of the teams that emerged from said projects.

BoxyLiz (Actual name Lisa) and LittleBoxOfEmo (Actual name Jennifer) were often difficult to distinguish and often used each other's accounts, making telling them apart a sometimes futile effort. However, both of them could usually answer any question asked regarding the Cities.

BoxyLiz died while the World Limit was in place, thus causing her to be flung back within the borders. She had given up on playing Minecraft until the World Limit had been removed, whom she then traveled with LoneSoldier55 back to Eden and continued work on the city. After Eden had been compromised by YoungsMC who had obtained the coordinates, she moved with her other team members to the new foundation of Avalon. She put much work into Avalon and its facilities, however the project was left neat but half-finished and under-furnished before it was compromised by one of its own members. Grudgingly, the former members of Eden now had to abandon the new building project only a few months in, and moved a far distance to build next door to RevStoningpot's jungle Kashyyyk, her new project, The Hive. However, tiresome as repeatedly putting work into bases and subsequently abandoning them was, only a few weeks after the main construction of The Hive, many members grew weary of Minecraft and became inactive. BoxyLiz was one of such people, soon she and Rev moved to Damoceles.

BoxyLiz and LittleBoxOfEmo, because the accounts were so closely intertwined, were both nominated and accepted to become Operators on the server. It is unknown of BoxyLiz's current status, however she has not been seen in Minecraft nor the Forums since Wed Mar 28, 2012 1:59 am. She became inactive when she turned her schooling in flight into a career in the airforce. She was generally charismatic and in favor of most players, however she was often quite blunt and could often times be random. She was a legacy player in constructing Eden, Avalon, The Hive, and Damocles, her last know location.