Coon Town

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Coon Town or The Colony of #BlackLivesMatterville
Name: Coon Town or The Colony of #BlackLivesMatterville

Status: Active

Formed: July 2019

Members: Dylan_Roof, Various Members of Yittrium

Coon Town, or currently known as The Colony of #BlackLivesMatterville, is a base created by Dylan_Roof sometime in July 2019. Located mainly on an island, Coon Town features a walled-in fortified aesthetic, with several interior builds mainly consisting of cobblestone, stone brick or brick blocks. The base's most notable features are its two mob farms and its gold farm, as well as several miscellaneous crop farms, ranging from pumpkins to sugar cane.

On October 23rd, while he was exploring the overworld, ostrich1414 stumbled upon Coon Town. He later brought AntHand along with him, and the two claimed the base for both Yittrium and The Order of Wilbur, making it Yittrium's first major colony. They also renamed it to the Colony of #BlackLivesMatterville, leaving signs and banners everywhere. Eventually, they discovered that Dylan_Roof was the owner of Coon Town, and a verbal agreement was made to allow Yittrium to use the colony and its farms as they assisted in providing resources.

Shortly thereafter, Dylan_Roof established a temple to Wilbur outside of the base, confirming his support for the Order of Wilbur during The Holy Wilbur-Francis War.


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