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Ingame name: Wilbur
Status: Deceased
First joined: July 29th, 2014

Location: Pig Heaven

Clans: The Order of Wilbur
Bases: Stonetown

Wilbur was a pig who lived in Stonetown until his death on July 29th, 2014. Since then, he has become one of SimPvP's most infamous mobs, serving as the inspiration for The Order of Wilbur and a subject of scorn for the Church Of Fluz. Wilbur's death was very controversial, and he his current status as a symbol of demise and spirituality has catapulted him from being a simple, carefree pig to a religious icon, almost godlike.


Early Life

It should be noted that ostrich1414, Wilbur's former caretaker, wrote a book shortly after Wilbur's demise entitled The Life of Wilbur. However, he has since disregarded the book as a mere dramatization of fictional events; Wilbur's background is much more simple and innocent, which unfortunately makes his death all the more depressing.

Wilbur was a pig who resided in Stonetown, a small town established by pippenger in early 2014. The town was located in a very wooded, forested biome, with many mobs living around it. Thus, Wilbur was one of many pigs who roamed its grassy terrain, and he was often seen by Stonetown's residents, which also included ostrich1414, dariepearjuicy and unclechain.

Eventually, ostrich1414 took notice of Wilbur; in his eyes, ostrich1414 saw a sweet, innocent pig, one who loved frolicking around Stonetown's grounds, drinking from the nearby lake, and basking in the shade of the large dirt dome that sat at the front of the town. Ostrich1414 took Wilbur in as a pet, and later a friend: Wilbur would live at ostrich1414's house, being spoiled.

The Incident Occurs

July 29th, 2014 is one of SimPvP's most infamous dates -- it is the date that Wilbur the pig was killed.

On this day, ostrich1414 was well into his career at Stonetown, and was currently in the process of attempting to get every achievement in the game. One of these achievements, "When Pigs Fly", required the player to "fly" a pig off of a cliff using a carrot-on-a-stick and a saddle. Ostrich1414, realizing this, saw Wilbur as the perfect candidate for the job. Loving him dearly, ostrich1414 felt that Wilbur deserved to be there with him when he scored the achievement, bringing him one step closer to gaining all of them.

As ostrich1414 helped gear Wilbur up for the event, feeding him carrots and placing a hefty leather saddle on his back, he prepared his now-infamous actions. Perched atop Wilbur, ostrich1414 rode him up onto the top of Stonetown's iconic dirt dome, a massive earthly structure that towered over the rest of the town. Ostrich1414 soon stood at the top of the dome, looking down at Stonetown; admiring with with Wilbur, ostrich1414 had no idea that this would be their last tender moment shared together.

Finally, ostrich1414 pulled out his carrot-on-a-stick and got ready to score the "When Pigs Fly" achievement. Wilbur followed the carrot, transfixed on it, as his unknowingly stepped off of the cliff face of the massive, towering dome. The two of them fell, plummeting to the earth; during this fall, ostrich1414 felt as though he had stopped in time, looking into Wilbur's eyes, seeing fear, surprise and betrayal. Eventually, they both slammed down into the earth, dying instantaneously. While ostrich1414 had gained the achievement, he had also died...and as did Wilbur. But while ostrich1414 had the luxury of many lives, Wilbur only had one, and it was now over.

Immediate Reactions

Wilbur's death was an immediate controversy on SimPvP; many players commended ostrich1414 for gaining the "When Pigs Fly" achievement, while others shamed him for dragging an innocent pig into the mix, killing him. Ostrich1414, however, was depressed; his best friend had been killed. Truthfully, ostrich1414 did not know that Wilbur would die, as he naively assumed that neither of them would take fall damage. Thus, Wilbur's death destroyed him inside, and he felt compelled to make his sorrow known to the public.

The same day that Wilbur died, ostrich1414 constructed a large memorial in the center of Stonetown. This memorial sought to remember Wilbur the pig and his fruitful life, as well as his tragic demise. Furthermore, the memorial also contained several historical artifacts relating to the event. To this day, the memorial contains the saddle and carrot-on-a-stick used to steer Wilbur, as well as Wilbur's actual flesh -- the porkchop that was dropped upon his deadly fall.

Another memorial was also created in the PvP world the same day. Several players joined ostrich1414 as Yukarion ordered a national day of mourning, and a somber vigil was held in /world, remembering Wilbur. Truly, SimPvP would never be the same.

The Order of Wilbur

Wilbur's death tore at ostrich1414, torturing him and driving him insane. He had failed his friend; he was responsible for Wilbur's death, him alone. In fact, it was a murder, not a death. Ostrich1414 was unsatisfied; despite the memorials, he needed to pledge his allegiance to Wilbur and his life, and he needed to do it soon. Thus, ostrich1414 founded The Order of Wilbur, a very secretive organization dedicated to the now-infamous pig.

Ostrich1414 was seemingly moved by Wilbur's spirit, hearing him from beyond the grave. He just had to reconnect with him, to apologize to him, to rest his soul. At Stonetown, ostrich1414 established the first Order of Wilbur sanctuary, which today stands as its central headquarters. With help from another loyal follower of Wilbur, JavelinFury, this sanctuary went through years of perfection and care just to prove to Wilbur that he was remembered.

While not much is known about the Order of Wilbur due to its very secretive, mysterious legacy, it is known that, as of 2019, the Order of Wilbur has had four sanctuaries in four different cities, as well as several /world maps, all dedicated to honoring the spirit of Wilbur. The Order of Wilbur has never released a member's list, withholding this as confidential information, but it is know that the organization has attracted several loyal members over the years; only the elite who truly worship Wilbur as the one true God may join.


Today, Wilbur has become the most important and well-known mob on all of SimPvP, and has been revered for many years due to the tragedy that resulted in his unwarranted demise. The Order of Wilbur still functions to this day, serving through various sanctuaries, as its followers pledge to worship Wilbur to the fullest extent.

Over the years, Wilbur the pig has also attracted many opponents, players who challenged his divinity. These players range from clipchip, instating the now-defunct religion of Yukarionism as a war tactic during the War of Monarchia, to the Church Of Fluz, releasing blasphemous statements bashing Wilbur, even partaking in anti-Wilbur rituals. Nevertheless, the Order of Wilbur and Wilbur's spirit itself have prevailed for the years, proving to be an important fixture on the server. Where many will inevitably fail, Wilbur will remain.