Finding Mavossa

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This is a collection of footage and images showing how the Church of Francis found Mavossa before it was leaked as apparently it's too hard to believe.


This was the first domino to fall in sealing the fate of Mavossa. Lord1 and Tenced flew hundreds of thousands of blocks on the Z 24k axis in search for the city, both flying different X axis's. Foolishly they started flying out from around 50k, overestimating the city's close proximity to spawn.


Both Lord and Tenced found strange things on their search, most notably Lord1 flew directly over PANOSKYLO's base as it was conveniently built on the Z 24k axis.




Around X 300k, Lord1 went off on a tangent following a trail of 1.12 chunks, finding this beauty.

Tenced and Lord got very bored of their journeys and tried their luck checking the distance they skipped at the start of their search.


That one speaks for itself.

The day Lord found Mavossa, plans where set to grief it the day after as neither Tenced nor Xexc could get online. When that day came, plans had to be rushed as tensions had built up among the members of the base and Lord Pasta's leak was inevitable. Lord panicked and tried to get literally any member of the Church to come help but only one Francillian was online; Pope Joe.

Lord1 and Pope CrackyJoe turned up, Lord got started on building bombers whilst CrackyJoe started harvesting the dark prismarine on the main dome. This was the exact moment when Lord Pasta leaked coords.

The Battle of Mavossa explained on the Mavossa page.