Further North Koria

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Further North Koria
Further North Koria.png
Name: Further North Koria

Status: Active

Formed: April 5th, 2019

Coords: Highly classified
Members: Korijenkins, HedgehogMind, Doofus the villager, Slimey Boy, Dr. Butthole
Clans: North Koria (Clan)

Further North Koria is an underground base built by Korijenkins.


Further North Koria is the second base built by Korijenkins on the server, having been made when he became concerned about the possibility of North Koria (Base) being discovered. On April 4th, North Koria was abandoned, and the next day Further North Koria began construction.

Construction of Further North Koria was completed on August 16th with the construction of a slime farm. The base now serves as a backup for HedgehogMind and Korijenkins as they begin work on a new base.