North Koria (Clan)

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North Koria
Name: North Koria

Status: Active

Formed: March 20th, 2019

Members: Korijenkins, HedgehogMind, TheOnlySlash, PhamtomGuy, Historian, MrXing, Ostrich1414, 2b2tard
Bases: North Koria (Base) (Destroyed), Further North Koria, Belgium, This is getting out of hand, now there are two of them! (Abandoned), Furthest North Koria, Void City

North Koria was founded the same day the original base was built, with Korijenkins at one point being its only member. Since then, HedgehogMind, TheOnlySlash, PhamtomGuy, and Historian have joined the clan. 2b2tard was once a member of North Koria, but left the group for unknown reasons. The group has existed for over a year, outlasting numerous enemies.


These are the members of North Koria in the order in which they are ranked.


The Founding

On March 20th, 2019 North Koria was founded in a shattered savanna biome. The group at the time consisted of Korijenkins and a rather fast horse named Khria. On the highest peak of the biome, work began on a tower that would reach high into the sky above as the city of North Koria (Base) began construction. It took over a week of hard labor, but the tower was completed, reaching just shy of the build limit. The same day the base was completed, a zombified cleric arrived, and Korijenkins managed to cure him, naming him Doofus. This was the first of many signs that Doofus was a holy figure. Soon after, the base became self-sustaining as farms were added in a basement area underneath the tower. During this time, Korijenkins was in constant contact with the Fellowship of the Kittens. There were talks of North Koria joining the FOK for a time, as well as an alliance between them, but no deals were struck. During this time, Korijenkins came under suspicion that the tower he had constructed was too close to spawn, and abandoned it.

The Trek North

Korijenkins began traveling north, using portals to move Doofus and animals from the base. After a decent amount of travel, construction began on a secure bunker that would become Further North Koria. Soon a portal was established, giving Korijenkins easy passage to and from spawn. Doofus was secured in a safe location within the bunker. During this time, TheOnlySlash sought to recruit Korijenkins to The Fellowship. FOK members, as well as Antzakes1, believed this was a perfect opportunity for him to spy on the group on their behalf. He initially agreed to do so, but soon began plotting. When he arrived at New Sorpigal, a Fellowship spawn base for new members, he discovered an ugly cobblestone rectangle as the sole structure, and made small improvements to the build. Here he met HedgehogMind and was soon informed by TheOnlySlash that the base was temporary, meant to discover who exactly was spying on the group. Utilizing the portal he had made, Korijenkins split his time between New Sorpigal and Further North Koria, constructing a gold farm at the latter which doubled as an XP farm.

War of the Fellowships

The two fellowships were at war for some time before Korijenkins joined the group, and a mysterious player named Kojed had "accidentally" located all of the FOK bases. In exchange for helping him escape spawn and taking him to New Sorpigal, Kojed gave Korijenkins coordinates to Kittenspear and Syracusai. Additionally, for his work insiding The Fellowship]], Antzakes1 gave him coordinates to Struthio, which he promptly sold to TheOnlySlash for a dragon head and some alpha slabs. New Sorpigal was abandoned, as it was public knowledge that Kojed was the alt of Lord1 who had become angry with other FOK members and sabotaged the group. Korijenkins and HedgehogMind left the base for The Rape Cave and New Sorpigal was destroyed by FOK members, believing it had been the main base of the Fellowship. The only casualty of this conflict was Kojed, who Lord1 had made sure was online to maintain a tiny amount of plausible deniability that they were the same person. Construction began on Fellowspear around this time, and soon Korijenkins decided to check the legitimacy of the coordinates Kojed had provided to him.

The Death of Francis

About 3 hours of traveling had proven to be fruitful, as Korijenkins arrived on the outskirts of Kittenspear on the morning of May 22nd. Although TheOnlySlash had ordered him not to grief the base, Korijenkins was the Grand Marshal of North Koria and didn't obey orders without question, and subsequently griefed the base. Kittenspear was destroyed, and Korijenkins returned to Fellowspear triumphant. The FOK had lost their oldest base at the cost of one lackluster spawn base. They had also failed to completely empty the base of goods, and useful tools and enchantment books were pillaged. These items were not given to The Fellowship for use, and TheOnlySlash was led to believe the base had been empty. The next target was Syracusai, which wound up being a very confused base that featured Roman, Japanese, and medieval European builds. TheOnlySlash accompanied Korijenkins on this grief, and the base was utterly destroyed. During the grief, Korijenkins discovered a statue of a sheep, with a red sheep standing next to it named Francis. He filled the statue with TNT and detonated it, killing Francis in the process. Lord1 insists that Francis was not killed at Syracusai, but the story as to his survival has changed several times, leading many to believe that Francis was indeed slain during the grief. Once again, the base was pillaged, and most of the supplies were returned to Further North Koria.

Ending the War

Korijenkins had become very wealthy during the war, and due to his success in locating two FOK bases, he was given access to one of The Fellowship's supply bases. The base was filled with useful supplies, mob drops, blocks, iron, gold, and other valuables. The time had come. When TheOnlySlash was offline, Korijenkins began looting the supply base, gathering stacks of iron blocks, redstone blocks, ender pearls, and the beacon that powered the base. All of it was stolen, and soon he traveled to Fellowspear and The Rape Cave, pillaging them both as well. Korijenkins posted the coordinates of the three bases in chat, and departed. The bases were griefed severely by TheOnlySlash's various enemies, and the War of the Fellowships was brought to a close. When the dust had settled, the three bases were destroyed and Korijenkins had managed to obtain valuable goods from five separate group bases, all of which he stored in Further North Koria.

The City of North Koria

A few days after the griefs had occurred, HedgehogMind logged onto the server, still at Fellowspear. The first thing he discovered was that the base was destroyed, which was unsurprising as a video of it being destroyed had been posted the day after it was leaked. TheOnlySlash was not online at the time, so he messaged Korijenkins, who explained what had happened and offered him a spot as a member of North Koria. Not wanting to invite a new member to the storage space that was Further North Koria, Korijenkins provided him with the coordinates to the tower he had constructed, but he was uncertain if it still existed. Two months after abandoning the tower, Korijenkins returned to it to discover that it had survived its abandonment, and not long after HedgehogMind arrived. North Koria (Base) began to rapidly expand during this time, as HedgehogMind had a vast knowledge of redstone. What was once a simple tower on a hill soon became a fully functioning base with many farms, storage areas, and portals. The base was booming, and Korijenkins made a discovery at the same time that changed the history of the group.

Striking Gold

Korijenkins used a lot of his spare time to explore areas of spawn, collecting alpha slabs he found as well as banners belonging to different groups. During one expedition, he left the nether through a portal near his own portal to Further North Koria, and instead of coming out of the nether at the usual spot, he was in a location he had never been at before. He was underground in a sleek bunker that appeared to be untouched. A sign identified the bunker as belonging to DeflowVesper a former admin on the server who no longer played actively. While exploring the base, he came across a room filled with villagers that had trades available that could no longer be found on newly created villagers. These old villagers were effectively priceless, and Korijenkins quickly evacuated them to Further North Koria. The new villagers allowed him to mass produce XP bottles, as their trade was vastly more efficient than the trades villagers offered in 1.13. Even when 1.14 released, these villagers would remain superior. With the now endless supply of XP bottles pouring in, Korijenkins was able to mass produce god sets and sell shulkers of the bottles as well. This led to North Koria becoming a very wealthy group.


Struthio was the largest base on the server at the time. Due to its high member count, the base had grown to gigantic size, and had begun to lag the server. Members including the capitalist Ostrich1414 cared little for the strife Struthio caused the rest of the server. At the same time, the coordinates of the base had essentially become public after TheOnlySlash leaked them to prevent them from being sold by Antzakes1. At the same time, an alt of PhamtomGuy had been playing on the server and sought to join North Koria. He was eventually accepted into the group and arrived at the base not long after, though Korijenkins was unaware his main account was banned. The two later journeyed to Struthio for the first time, robbing it of many resources as well as the mending villager, but leaving the base intact. One random evening, jared2013 joined the server and began communicating with Korijenkins due to PhamtomGuy's involvement with North Koria. He asked if there were any bases that could be griefed that would be notable, and Korijenkins directed him towards Struthio. Not long after, Korijenkins met up with him and gave him supplies. Struthio was griefed, and jared2013 got into an argument with DakkaDok before returning to spawn and not being seen on the server again for many months.


Upon returning to the base, Korijenkins extended an invitation to North Koria to former Fellowship member CranberryWarrior who accepted, but never showed up. Soon a reckoning came. YeeterMyPeeter were determined to destroy North Koria at any cost, and knew PhamtomGuy was on an alt. They decided to blackmail him for the coordinates. If he did not give up the location of the base, they would inform an admin he was an alt, and he would be banned from the server. PhamtomGuy displayed a shocking amount of loyalty, and refused to give up the coordinates, and was banned for a year. North Koria was safe for now, but the base now had many enemies. In June, Korijenkins logged on to discover that the base was destroyed and the mending villager was gone. The list of possible orchestrators of the grief was very long, including former Struthio members, TheOnlySlash, DakkaDok, and YMP members. Ultimately there was no definitive way to discover who had done it, as they had left nothing identifying themselves. Korijenkins fled to Further North Koria, and was eventually joined by HedgehogMind.

Life Underground

The two spent the remainder of the year living in Further North Koria. The bunker was not large enough to function as a group base, but despite that many secret passages and hidden farms were installed. Soon it was more productive than the original North Koria. A slime farm was added, animals were added to pens in the main lobby area of the base, a gunpowder farm was built, and various portals were added to the End, the nether, and hugely far locations. The plan was for Korijenkins to use the bunker as a supply station while he traveled to the world border. For four months the two North Korians lived in the small bunker with Doofus and some animals. It was at this time the second miracle of Doofus was witnessed by Korijenkins, as the villager survived an attack by zombies, who simply walked around him as if he did not even exist. After this event, Doofus began to be worshiped as the first Korian God. Attempts were made at establishing a new base for the Korians to move into. The first was Oasis (Unfinished base), which never got completed and was abandoned after a player discovered the location of the base. The second was Belgium, which was eventually developed into a replacement for Further North Koria.

Belgium was an underground hellscape of a base, being built from netherbrick, obsidian, lava, and magma. Large farms were built, and a villager breeder was added, leading to the base eventually having a large number of enchanting villagers available for trading. One of the rare XP Bottle villagers taken from DeflowVesper's base was moved into Belgium. The base quickly grew, before stagnating in March due to HedgehogMind's inability to play. As Korijenkins knew nothing about redstone, he was unable to add any major farms to the base, and only gradually worked to complete construction. Belgium is still under construction.

Korian Missile Crisis

On February 2nd, 2020 Korijenkins noticed a message in chat about the Yittrium museum from VetoTheNeato. He had mentioned that the banner of North Koria was located inside the museum. Korijenkins immediately asked for more information, the banner had never been given out to anyone in the history of the group. The only people who had been given one were Korijenkins, PhamtomGuy, and HedgehogMind. As PhamtomGuy was banned, and HedgehogMind never left the base, it became obvious that whoever had acquired the banner for the Yittrium museum had been to North Koria, and was thus a suspect for its grief. Ostrich1414, the leader of Yittrium, was asked about this discovery. He laughed off the accusation, but later confessed. He had griefed North Koria in retaliation for the destruction of Struthio, believing that Korijenkins had acted alone. It was eventually revealed that he acquired the coordinates from his alt, CranberryWarrior.

Korijenkins was furious at the discovery. Ostrich1414 was a self-proclaimed neutral player and he was unapologetic. North Koria's various superweapons were readied for launch, as Korijenkins prepared to utterly destroy the ruins of Struthio, erasing any trace of the base, and Ostrich1414's hard work, from the server. A war declaration was drafted against the The Order of Wilbur but could not be delivered to Ostrich1414 in /world due to a surprise ambush by Egnaroky and AntHand from which Korijenkins escaped after wasting 20 minutes of their time.

Ostrich1414 decided to make amends, and agreed to meet at the ruins of North Koria to discuss peace before a full scale war could break out. The ruins of North Koria (Base) were turned into a monument to the two destroyed bases and peace was arranged. Despite agreeing to peace, Ostrich1414 is greatly hated among the North Korian people for his role in forcing them to live underground for so many months.


After 8 months, North Koria inducted a new member in TheOnlySlash as he and Korijenkins began working on This is getting out of hand, now there are two of them! an above ground base far from spawn. While originally intended to be a base for The Dominion it was annexed by North Koria. HedgehogMind returned from a long hiatus to begin building at the base, and PhamtomGuy was unbanned and arrived as well. At TIGOOHNTATOT, three new Korian Gods were discovered, Smelly Skelly, HedgehogMind (Not to be confused with the player), and Khria. Unfortunately TIGOOHNTATOT did not last long as a base. HedgehogMind built a house entirely out of slime in the middle of a residential area and PhamtomGuy built an ugly rectangular building nearby as well, leading both Korijenkins and TheOnlySlash to suspend building operations at the base and return to Belgium. HedgehogMind eventually joined them in Belgium to work on new farms. In July of 2020 Ostrich1414 joined the base to work on a classified project, but with the assertion that he wouldn't spend much time building, a promise that was broken the same year.


All North Korians follow a religion called the Chantry of Doofus. While the religion is named after their primary God, Doofus, it also encompasses several other Gods.

Korian Pantheon

  • Doofus - The God of Gods. He has taken the form of a simple cleric villager, and is very humble, but his power levels are unknown. It is believed by North Korians that Doofus is capable of destroying both Wilbur and Francis with ease, but whether or not that is true is unknowable, as the heathen gods are dead.
  • Smelly Skelly - The God of untimely erections. He has taken the form of a skeleton horse. Originally discovered by TheOnlySlash when arriving at TIGOOHNTATOT, it soon became clear he was a God due to his miraculous survival of an inferno that destroyed TheOnlySlash's house, during which Smelly Skelly walked through the flames unharmed. Smelly Skelly transcended the mortal plane on May 17th, 2020, leaving only his saddle behind.
  • HedgehogMind - The God of slime. HedgehogMind takes the form of a llama and was discovered by Korijenkins during the construction of a kelp farm in the base. He was named HedgehogMind after Korijenkins' long-time basemate who had not been online in many weeks. He was discovered to be a God when the slime in his inventory magically multiplied.
  • Khria - The God of jumping who has taken the form of a horse. Khria was discovered before Doofus, but was not known to be a God until it was discovered that she could jump higher than any other horse, and was faster as well. This discovery was made at TIGOOHNTATOT.
  • Gender Bender Mk. IV - The God of castration. The Gender Bender Mk. IV is the only thing on Sim PvP capable of turning a man into a woman. It takes the form of a chair with a stonecutter as the seat cushion. This strange God is not worshiped by many in North Koria, and some even argue it should not be considered a God at all.
  • Bob - The God of diamond swastikas. Bob takes the form of an Iron Golem. He is only worshiped by the wealthiest of North Korians.