North Koria (Base)

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North Koria
Name: North Koria

Status: Overgrown

Formed: March 20th, 2019

Coords: Northern Half of Map
Members: Korijenkins, HedgehogMind, Doofus the villager (formerly), Ostrich1414 (Unofficial)
Clans: North Koria (Clan)

North Koria was a base far from spawn, located around 3 large mountains in a savanna biome. The large tower was once planned to be part of a fortress, but was destroyed. The ruins now serve as a memorial to the abandoned base and its destroyed neighbor, Struthio.

History of North Koria

Founding and Progression

North Koria was founded on the 20th of March, 2019. The large tower atop one of the three mountains took Korijenkins a week to complete.

On April 4th, the base was temporarily abandoned, and the farms were destroyed and relocated to Korijenkins' private base.

On May 28th, the base became inhabited once more, after both Korijenkins and HedgehogMind defected from The Fellowship.

On June 2nd, the base's coordinates were very nearly given away to YMP by an alt of PhamtomGuy when they threatened to get his alt banned from the server unless he gave them its location. Ultimately PhamtomGuy was banned again, and North Koria remained secure. Though none of them have any particular reason to target North Koria, they claimed they wanted to grief it out of boredom.

Within a week of HedgehogMind's arrival, North Koria had become heavily modified, with water elevators replacing the original spiral staircase, a large kelp farm and autosmelter, a skeleton grinder, a gunpowder farm, and a snow farm.


In June, North Koria was griefed by an unknown party. The circumstances of the grief, and who orchestrated it, remained unknown until months later.

On 02,02,2020, Ostrich1414 confessed. He had destroyed North Koria. In May of 2019, he had accidentally discovered the base due to its proximity to Struthio. He took note of the coordinates, and left the base after only a few minutes, taking a banner with him. The banner was later displayed in Yittrium, which VetoTheNeato offhandedly mentioned in chat on the 2nd of February, arousing the suspicions of Korijenkins.

North Koria's banner was never given out to anyone until after Yittrium had been abandoned, and the design was never shown in any screenshots for copies to be made, which led to Korijenkins realizing that the banner could only have come from the base itself. Either Ostrich was responsible, or another member of Yittrium.

When confronted with the accusation, Ostrich admitted that he had discovered North Koria accidentally while flying around near Struthio. However, he denied griefing it until confronted with another cold hard fact. No player outside of HedgehogMind and Korijenkins had coordinates to North Koria. The only people who could have griefed North Koria were its two members, and Ostrich. Finally, Ostrich confessed to the crime.

In the wake of Struthio's destruction at the hands of jared2013, Ostrich was angry, and he believed Korijenkins to be the sole perpetrator. He traveled to North Koria, shaking with rage, and began to poorly grief the base. The mending villager was kidnapped yet again, a lavacast was built over the tower, and the gunpowder farm was bombed. Not wanting his reputation to suffer, Ostrich left no evidence or signs claiming responsibility.

Struthian-North Korian Peace Summit

On February 3rd, 2020, ostrich1414 and Korijenkins came to a mutual agreement to hold a peace summit at the site of the now-griefed North Koria in order to bring peace, forgiveness and respect back between the two players, and, more symbolically, to the two former bases of Struthio and North Koria. A peace treaty was signed and Korijenkins forgave ostrich1414 for the grief.

Struthian-North Korian Peace Summit.png

Part of the peace treaty required both parties to engage in a restoration project, helping to transform the decrepit, destroyed rubble of North Koria into a blooming monument of peace being overtaken by nature. The entire tower was reconfigured, with trees, flowers and grass being planted all over as mossy stonebrick and cobblestone were implemented to convey the passage of time. Symbolizing North Koria's final resting place and peace from strife, the new version of the tower shared between the two once-at-odds parties now bloomed with hopes for a new era of alliance.


Koria Tower.png Koria Grief.png Koria Entrance.png