North Koria (Base)

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North Koria
Koria Tower.png
Name: North Koria

Status: Obliterated

Formed: March 20th, 2019

Coords: Northern Half of Map
Members: Korijenkins, HedgehogMind, Doofus the villager (formerly)
Clans: North Koria (Clan)

North Koria is a base far from spawn, located around 3 large mountains in a savanna biome.

History of North Koria

North Koria was founded on the 20th of March, 2019. The large tower atop one of the three mountains took Korijenkins a week to complete.

On April 4th, the base was temporarily abandoned, and the farms were destroyed and relocated to Korijenkins' private base.

On May 28th, the base became inhabited once more, after both Korijenkins and HedgehogMind defected from The Fellowship.

On June 2nd, the base's coordinates were very nearly given away to YMP by an alt of PhamtomGuy when they threatened to get his alt banned from the server unless he gave them its location. Ultimately PhamtomGuy was banned again, and North Koria remained secure. Though none of them have any particular reason to target North Koria, they claimed they wanted to grief it out of boredom.

Within a week of HedgehogMind's arrival, North Koria had become heavily modified, with water elevators replacing the original spiral staircase, a large kelp farm and autosmelter, a skeleton grinder, a gunpowder farm, and a snow farm.