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Player (OP)
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In-game name: Korijenkins
Alts: 2b2tard, FortniteGay, 4thPilot
Status: Undead
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First joined: March 2019
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Clans: Leader of North Koria (Clan), Mayor of Void City, member of The Dominion, former praetor of The Republic, former member of The Fellowship, former member of The Order of Wilbur
Bases: North Koria (Base), Further North Koria, Fellowspear, Belgium, Void City, It Will Go, Gosnold, Nova Aeterna
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Korijenkins is a player and admin who joined in March of 2019. He is known for being a somewhat skilled builder, and a terrible pvper.



Korijenkins joined the server on March 14th of 2019. After wandering around spawn he discovered a chest of equipment and food left by The Arma. Eventually he walked to Castle Snowfrog and removed the lava that was covering the base before traveling ten thousand blocks by boat to make his first base, which was nothing more than a bad hole in the ground. He then proceeded to travel over a hundred thousand blocks from spawn to build North Koria. Eventually North Koria was abandoned in favor of the more secure Further North Koria. During his first 2 months on the server, Kori had little to no interaction with the rest of the playerbase outside of trading and spent most of his time crafting gear and actually learning how to play survival Minecraft.

The Fellowship

In May, Kori was invited to join The Fellowship by TheOnlySlash. At the time The Fellowship was involved in a war with another group, the Fellowship of the Kittens, and the idea of insiding The Fellowship was proposed to him by Nddragoon, Lord1, and Antzakes1 at various times. Initially he joined the group with the intent of doing just that, but eventually grew to enjoy playing with Slash, Arma, and HedgehogMind enough to not want to betray them. After joining he made his way to a decoy base known as New Sorpigal, which was created with the intention of it being leaked. He was also given the crucial task of getting FOK base coordinates from a player known as Kojed who had accidentally discovered the bases.

Not long after arriving at New Sorpigal, Slash and Arma took Kori to grief one of the FOK spawn bases, Fort Thunder. He did little to nothing to aid in the grief, as he was not well-equipped enough to be of much help. Not long after the destruction of Fort Thunder Kojed logged on, but found himself being camped inside Spawn and Kori made his way there to aid him in exchange for the coordinates to the bases. He brought Kojed to New Sorpigal, which was on the verge of being abandoned as it was intentionally leaked, and got the coordinates to Kittenspear and Syracusai. He traveled to Kittenspear's coordinates and, despite being told to wait, proceeded to severely grief the base. A few days later both Slash and Kori traveled to Syracusai and griefed it.

With the War of the Fellowships winding down, Kori "betrayed" The Fellowship, leaking the unoccupied spawn bases and recruiting HedgehogMind and CranberryWarrior to North Koria (Clan). The destruction of The Rape Cave and Fellowspear marked the end of war and The Fellowship.

Return to North Koria

Despite being relatively close to Spawn and being abandoned for over 2 months, Kori found North Koria to be in surprisingly pristine condition and directed HedgehogMind and CranberryWarrior to travel to the base. HedgehogMind was a redstone master, and quickly improved the base by adding several farms. CranberryWarrior, however, never showed up. Despite having effectively destroyed TheOnlySlash's group, the two remained in contact and continued to work together on various projects. With North Koria quickly becoming a productive base, and Further North Koria also functioning as a productive base, it gave Kori enough spare time to conduct operations around Spawn. Around this time Kori also unknowingly invited the alt of the banned player PhamtomGuy to the base. This had terrible repercussions as the members of YeeterMyPeeter sought to destroy the base due to their enmity towards The Fellowship, of which Kori had once belonged. PhamtomGuy was given an ultimatum: give up the coordinates of North Koria, or get revealed as an alt and get banned. In a surprisingly show of loyalty, he chose to be banned, and North Koria continued to exist.

Destruction of Struthio

Kori had obtained the coordinates to Struthio from Antzakes1 during his time in The Fellowship. Antzakes, being a known bringer of chaos, was actively selling the coordinates and giving them away. The coordinates were later sold to TheOnlySlash for the measly price of a dragon head and a petrified oak slab, and he then publicly leaked them to stop Antzakes from selling them. This led to Struthio being abandoned completely. Kori and PhamtomGuy's alt had already raided Struthio for valuables, leaving the base itself intact as they did so. They, like so many others, had no intention of griefing Struthio, and the members of the base breathed a sigh of relief. But then the unthinkable happened as 2b2t legend jared2013 joined SimPvP for the first time at the recommendation of PhamtomGuy. Kori ended up taking jared to Struthio and giving him supplies to grief the base while he pillaged and destroyed the farms that caused massive server lag whenever Ostrich1414 gave a base tour. After just a few hours the base was moderately damaged.

Fall of North Koria

Helping to destroy Struthio put Kori and North Koria in the sights of the members of YeeterMyPeeter who sought to destroy the base due to their enmity towards The Fellowship, of which Kori had once belonged. PhamtomGuy was actually a former member of the group and revealed to Kori at this time that the alt he was playing on was actually one of jake276493's accounts. PhamtomGuy was given an ultimatum by jake: give up the coordinates of North Koria, or get revealed as an alt and get banned. In a surprisingly show of loyalty, he chose to be banned, and North Koria continued to exist. Only a few weeks later, Kori logged on to the server to discover that North Koria had been destroyed. CranberryWarrior, who had never shown up, was secretly an alt of ostrich1414, who was angry about the destruction of Struthio. As a result, he arrived at the base in the dead of night and destroyed it in an act of vengeance. With North Koria now destroyed, Kori and HedgehogMind moved permanently into Further North Koria.

The First Siege

Having remained in contact with TheOnlySlash since the end of the War of the Fellowships, the two devised a plan to start a new group. The influx of new players to the server was becoming increasingly more toxic and less mature, and TheOnlySlash sought to lead a group focused on the destruction of Spawn for the sake of weeding out the 2b2t rejects who were joining. They called this group The Siege. The Siege was not a large group by any means, mainly consisting of TheOnlySlash, Korijenkins, HedgehogMind, Tenced, Arma, SirTashingdon, AtacFauxpas and a few others with indirect support from SFR. They were opposed by the YMP Crusade led by Lord1, which was only created after Lord1 was denied a place in The Siege.

The group's main goals were to bomb and lavacast Spawn, burn trees, and destroy any sources of food. The YMP Crusade was unable to fight The Siege on equal terms and resorted to covering Spawn in water rather than trying to fight the group. This led to The Siege moving its operations out further, bombing and lavacasting just outside of Spawn. PMC was one of the groups opposing The Siege, and after Doublard was brutally killed at Spawn by TheOnlySlash for disrupting Siege operations, the coordinates of their main base, Patrickland, were discovered. The base was destroyed, leading to the collapse of PMC.

Eventually operations began to wind down. While the Siege wasn't exactly a success, Spawn was in much worse shape after the operation than it was before.


After The Siege ended, Kori returned to Further North Koria. HedgehogMind was unable to play on the server as much with school resuming for him, and Kori became less active on the server. While technically a member of the Dominion, he took no part in the Intervention War. Slash attempted to reform The Fellowship, but the group collapsed after Kori blew up the Fellowship Spawn Castle. He later attempted to make a base to replace Further North Koria, but gave up on the project after a few days and stopped playing.

Belgium and The Second Siege

After a few months of inactivity, Kori began logging in regularly and traveling further in the overworld, eventually choosing a spot for a new underground base to dwarf Further North Koria both in size and utility. Named Belgium, this base grew very slowly, but eventually became a large and productive underground base with a hellish landscape. In turn, Belgium made Kori abundantly wealthy. When the new year came, Belgium was mass producing god sets and other valuables, which were being hoarded and stored away along with a huge collection of elytra.

In January a sizable youtuber known as MrCramYT joined the server, threatening the well-being of SimPvP. The arrival of this youtuber along with the revelation of his intent to make a video about the server sparked The Second Siege. Unlike the First Siege, the Second was much larger in scale, with just about the entire server taking part in it with the notable exception of Azdin. This included most members of the original Siege. The leadership of the Siege largely consisted of members of the Dominion including Kori, who took part in the occupation of Spawn.

MrCram ended up being let out of Spawn by Sellout9 and Lord1 after being trapped inside for several days, but also announced that he would not be making his video. With this, activity within the group began to die down and Kori took charge of the project to relocate the obsidian wall surrounding Spawn to about 10 blocks away from it. It was at this time Sengorn Leopard revealed he believed the group was a waste of time and only joined to steal obsidian that was gathered for the wall, which led to him being removed from the group by Kori. This in turn led to Kori being removed by TheOnlySlash for not consulting other leadership, even though all of them admitted kicking Sengorn was the correct move.

TheOnlySlash had made a mistake by kicking Kori at this time, as he was still in possession of all of the obsidian that had been mined from the Spawn wall that was to be relocated, and he simply kept it and used it for construction work at Belgium.

The Struthian-North Korian Crisis

In February, Kori's exceptional detective work led him to the conclusion that ostrich1414 had been the griefer of North Koria. The revelation of CranberryWarrior's identity as an alt of ostrich was a major clue in solving the mystery, and ostrich was forced to admit that it had been him who destroyed the greatest base in server history. Angry, Kori readied the dreaded North Korian superweapon, which had not yet seen use, and prepared to grief Struthio for a second time along with Yittrium's ruins. Ostrich instead opted to sue for peace, and the two came to an agreement to forgive one another for the conflict that had happened between the bases the previous year.

The Return of PhamtomGuy and the TIGOOHNTATOT Tragedy

In April PhamtomGuy was released from prison and allowed to play once again on the server on his main account. He immediately got into contact with Kori and TheOnlySlash, and all 3 + HedgehogMind journeyed to a new location to start a base. TIGOOHNTATOT was founded in late April, intended to be a new large scale base. It quickly devolved into little more than a meme base once it became evident that PhamtomGuy couldn't build, HedgehogMind could only build farms, and TheOnlySlash could only copy templates of other builds. Kori and TheOnlySlash got into a competition to see who could build the largest tower, with both using a random assortment of blocks to reach the build limit, including TNT. This backfired when both buildings were catastrophically destroyed, leaving the economy of the base in ruins. PhamtomGuy later quit as there was nothing to do at the terrible base, and HedgehogMind went back to Belgium.

Abandonment of Further North Koria

After over a year of use, Further North Koria was finally abandoned. With the finished construction of the most efficient gunpowder farm in server history at Belgium came the end of any utility the old bunker turned base once held, and it was given to 2b2tard a notorious player from 2b2t. While the ownership of the base had changed, Kori left an alt behind at the base to maintain it and await the inevitable discovery and destruction of it. TheOnlySlash had been a member of Further North Koria and a recruit of the group for more than a while at this point and eventually moved in to Belgium after the base was abandoned.

The Republic

For months ostrich had been in talks to actually join North Koria and begin building at Belgium. These talks eventually materialized with ostrich arriving at the base and promptly being forced to duel the other 3 members, with Kori, Slash, and Hedgehog all easily besting him in sword pvp. Humbled and humiliated, ostrich began working eagerly on his first major project, resulting in his death several times before he gave up. Around the same time a new group was taking shape. Mended friendship between LordPastaYT and Slash led to the formation of The Republic a group focused on opposing Lord1 and serving as an anti-Bloc for Clans. With a war quickly approaching, Kori and Slash made their first test of the North Korian superweapon at the ruins of Syracusai, obliterating what remained of the base until only a crater remained.

Not long after the successful test of the weapon, it was deployed against Two Words and Olgremont, leaving both in ruins. Lord1 responded by blowing up Stonetown resulting in him being chastised by his own group for destroying a 6 year old base out of spite. This led to Lord1 losing considerable influence and suffering a severely damaged reputation. It was further exacerbated by the Republic's effort to repair Castle Snowfrog, which garnered goodwill with the server community. By the time the conflict was over, the main goal of weakening the Church had been accomplished.

The Great Drain

After the war, Kori returned to Belgium and began to work on draining an entire ocean. This project required one of the largest redstone machines ever constructed on the server. After several attempts were made to drain it, the machine finally worked and the ocean was drained, expanding the area in which the underground base could grow. While this project had taken several weeks to accomplish, it also resulted in a new problem that would mean the death of Belgium. By draining the ocean, they had also revealed the amount of sheer mining that was needed to be done to reach bedrock, and the project was eventually too much for the group of 4 to accomplish. This resulted in Belgium becoming inactive, and Kori drawing up plans for a new base.

Void City and Neutrality

At the end of 2020 Kori decided to move on from Belgium at least temporarily to work on a new base, Void City. Intended to be a futuristic cyberpunk-themed city, it was going to be free from the hinderances that had crippled both Further North Koria and Belgium. This base would not be underground, making construction much easier, and it would not be underpopulated. 8 total members were invited to the base, and construction began in earnest. By the time the base was a month old it had several farms and large builds that were completed, and detailed plans were in place for future construction.

Around this time a new group of players allied against Lord1 formed, seeking to remove him from power. This group, led by ostrich1414 and Sellout9, intended to start a war with Lord1 by taking over one of his group's bases near Spawn. Having seen what previous attempts at removing Lord1 from power with brute force had done, Kori suggested alternative approaches, leading to him and Slash being removed from the group by Sellout for not being committed to the war. In turn they revealed to Lord1 that the group of players was planning to take over one of his spawnbases. Afterwards Kori took a vow of neutrality, as Void City was intended to be a neutral base, and large-scale conflict on the server rarely proved to be worth the investment of time and resources for him. From then on he planned to remain at his bases away from Spawn as much as possible and simply build with people he enjoyed playing with.

Forum Wars

As activity at Void City dwindled due to the majority of the base members having to quit Sim for various reasons, Kori found himself alone and with little desire to build. Thus he focused his attention on other means, in this case improving the server. What began with a suggestion to Yukarion led to a forum campaign resulting in the Base Restoration Policy being created along with the restoration of Three Words, Cavehoe being banned for a rule 3 violation, a plugin change that returned jail to /world, a plugin change that nerfed villager-induced lag, and MoWobbler being appointed to replace DakkaDok. While the majority of these campaigns were a resounding success, one notable failure was the inability to get Yukarion to even address the removal of TNT duping.

Not long after his various forum campaigns were completed, Kori realized he had been playing for 2 years somehow. Despite bragging loudly about it, nobody else cared and Kori celebrated his Sim birthday alone at Void City.


Korijenkins has built several bases on the server.

Cheap Ocean Inn (Abandoned)

North Koria (Base) (Destroyed)

Further North Koria

Fellowspear (Destroyed)

Oasis (Unfinished base)


Void City


Korijenkins has griefed the following bases.




Fellowship Spawn Castle

Two Words


Korijenkins has aided in the destruction of the following bases.

The Rape Cave


Map Arts Produced

Korijenkins has made several map arts on Sim PvP:


  • Korijenkins has been involved in 5 major server conflicts but was not included in any of MoWobbler's anniversary museum dioramas.
  • His real name is Cory Baxter.
  • He sells enchanted elytra for 1 diamond and gives away xp bottles, which are easily the best prices on the server.
  • His original spawn base still exists in pristine condition, having been used by someone else since he moved on from it.
  • His name originates from World of Warcraft. On a Draenei male he was given the name "Korituul" by hitting random name which he later shorted to Kori, and used the "Jenkins" title because players couldn't pay to earn it like they did with rarer titles.
  • He is currently working on creating a wiki page that documents all of the griefs committed during the Second Burning Age. Bases Destroyed in the Second Burning Age

Art & Photos