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Name: Segoria

Status: Active

Formed: May 2019

Members: Oldest to Newest:

Segoria is a large, sprawling city founded in May 2019 following the destruction of Struthio. It is a hub for numerous farms which grant the members near-unlimited resources. In turn, it has cultivated many complex and creative builds.


In early 2019, Struthio had garnered a small collective of talented builders. The city was actively being expanded, and the members had built good trusting relationships. However, Struthio's relatively vulnerable location was inevitably discovered, and many plans were laid to rest. The "Struthio Gang", now in upheaval, sought to quickly relocate and regroup. Sengorn_Leopard provided a location, a spot where he had previous base-building ambitions.

From humble beginnings, Ostrich1414, Sengorn_Leopard, CrackyJoe, SpenPen, Master_Xybot and M_BRIX began to stake out land and plan out their builds. In stark contrast to the modern city aesthetic of Struthio, this new location began to take on a more medieval fantasy theme. Over time, the roster would grow to include some of the server's most veteran and skilled builders. 2019-2020 saw an explosion of growth and ambition which has led to its current form. The continuing goal in Segoria is to create a base unrivaled in scale and aesthetic appeal.


  • Biomes - Jungle & Taiga
  • Political Stance - Disinterested
  • Government - Anarcho-Capitalism
  • Population - 14
  • Demonym - Segorian
  • Anthem - Guardians
  • Main Exports - Gold, Slime, Oak, Spruce, Jungle, XP, Gunpowder, Wither Roses, Flowers, Big Black Dildos

Major Events

  • May 20th, 2019 - Segoria is founded.
  • July 28th, 2019 - Segoria (namely M_BRIX and CrackyJoe) hosts the first annual BloodBowl at Struthio.
  • March 3rd, 2020 - #WitherWeek begins (a full week exclusively dedicated to working on the city's wither skeleton farm). It is great success, very nice.
  • May 20th, 2020 - Segoria celebrates its one year anniversary. Unfortunately, everyone is on hiatus due to lighting glitches.


Collusive District

  • Established - November 2019
  • Style - Neo-Imperial
  • Builders - (Lead) CollusionBot8000
  • Lead Builder's Notes

The Collusive District was built primarily by Pippinger, using his alt CollusionBot8000. It resembles older Imperial Architecture style bases such as New Caladan, Ascaris, Virunum, and Quinsigamond, but with more advanced construction methods such as complex flying buttresses and stained glass windows.

Incantation Obelisk

  • Established - July 2019
  • Style - High Fantasy/Magic
  • Builders - (Lead) Sengorn_Leopard
  • Lead Builder's Notes

Sengorn_Leopard's re-imagination of the Aether Tower. Due to the large size of projected plans, Sengorn_Leopard working elsewhere, and a bad internet connection, the district lays largely unfinished. That being said, the Incantation Obelisk is still a sight to behold and a symbol of good things to come.

The Jungle Gym

  • Established - June 2019
  • Style - Jungle
  • Builders - (Lead) M_Brix
  • Lead Builder's Notes

Brix first house in Segoria. Expanded for some treetop bridges into the jungle.

Central Lake

  • Established - June 2019
  • Style - Random
  • Builders - (Lead) SpenPen
  • Lead Builder's Notes

The Central Lake District is a series of unique builds surrounding a lake. The district includes builds from Medieval, Persian, Korean, and Nordic themes. There is also a large gold plated ship in the lake; the mystery how it came to be there is still unsolved. Each build originally had a squared-off base to give it an "on display" look, but this was removed in favor of meshing. The sandstone builds are the first official completed builds of Segoria.

Rotundum Shores

  • Established - Decemebr 2019
  • Style - Random
  • Builders - (Lead) SpenPen, CrackyJoe, M_Brix
  • Lead Builder's Notes

This area consists of a ringed city with other builds surrounding it. The walled city contains an assortment of different builds; farms and greenhouses, markets and shops, various houses, and an emerald mine. It has a large ravine running down the center, dividing the city. Outside the city are various cottage style houses and M_Brix's grand clocktower.

The Ancestral Glade

  • Established - December 2019
  • Style - Fantasy
  • Builders - (Lead) LegendaryArtz
  • Lead Builder's Notes

This cavern was completely dug by hand and strategically reshaped to have no mob spawn but retain dim lighting. A sprawling area with a spiral path slowly creeping from the stalactites down to the lake at the bottom, LegendaryArtz's attention to detail is prevalent everywhere. After an awe-inspiring walk through the cavern, you can retire at the Hobbit-style home up top for a beer and a game of slots.

Old Town

  • Established - May 2019
  • Style - Medieval
  • Builders - (Lead) M_Brix and CrackyJoe, Master_Xybot
  • Lead Builder's Notes

The historic "center" of Segoria built around the original Segoria access portal. Old Town initially contained storage area for material smuggled out of Struthio, and a procedurally-generated village. Now primarily a memorial garden surrounded by a theater, small chapel, various old afk farms, the last remaining testificate home, and Xybot's Historic Inn.

Municipal District

  • Established - February 2020
  • Style - Coastal, Segorian Metropolitan
  • Builders - (Lead) M_Brix and CrackyJoe, SpenPen, Sengorn_Leopard
  • Lead Builder's Notes

East of the Old Town, the Municipal District is an in-progress area. It employs a completely original "Segorian Metropolitan" style of architecture characterized by heavy use of dark prismarine and diorite blocks. The buildings lean more towards colonial or 19th century style than much of the city. Butted up against a shallow lagoon, the area currently houses various public buildings, rowhomes, several towers, and Segoria's only registered brothel.

The Fringe

  • Established - June 2019
  • Style - Medieval
  • Builders - (Lead) M_Brix
  • Lead Builder's Notes

Some early builds on the northern outskirts.


  • Established - June 2019
  • Style - Medieval Village
  • Builders - (Lead) CrackyJoe, M_Brix, Sengorn_Leopard, SpenPen
  • Lead Builder's Notes

Partially inspired by its namesake - the Alsatian city of Strasbourg. This area is mostly a residential center, containing many homes in a medieval-esque village style dominated by the Baron's castle on one side, and a river on the other. This district contains varied row houses, a school, a Gasthaus/Biergarten, as well as several farmsteads and a significant vineyard along its fringes.


Gold Farm

Builder - Sengorn_Leopard

The first hyper farm produced by Sengorn_Leopard. It provides the team not only with an endless supply of gold, but also incredibly fast xp rates. Segorians can repair gear in seconds and make as much god gear as they have the diamonds for.

Gunpowder Farm

Builder - Sengorn_Leopard

A gunpowder farm does not generally provide aesthetic appeal... until you leave it with Sengorn_Leopard. The creatively designed waiting pad is said to imbue Segorians with unbeknownst powers and good looks.


Iron Farm

Builder - LegendaryArtz

Producing over 7000 iron ingots an hour, this farm allows Segorian's to retire from the mines and kick their feet up.


Guardian Farm

Builder - SengornLeopard, CollusionBot8000, SpenPen, CrackyJoe, M_Brix

This beast requires two people to grind properly but fills a double chest with lanterns in just a few minutes and it smells like your mother. Like fish.


Spider and Skeleton Farm

Builder - SpenPen, M_Brix, CrackyJoe

The first grind farms built by the Segorians. They are now graciously decorated and completely unused.



Builder - LegendaryArtz, SpenPen, (visually embellished by Brix)

As Segoria's activity increased, its original tiny manual storage room became overstocked and messy. In February 2020, a new storage room was built. It is fully automatic, can empty and sort shulkers, and hosts 98% of Minecraft's stackable items.

Wither Skull Farm

Builder - Sengorn_Leopard, OstrichsCoolAlt, CrackyJoe, M_Brix, SpenPen

A project that started long in advance, before the foundations of Segoria were laid. To maximize efficiency the farm required digging a 256 block wide cylinder from the ceiling down to bedrock. It was chipped away at here and there but on March 3rd, 2019, #WitherWeek was initiated. A week later, the team had completed digging out the remaining 80%.

2020-03-10 21.10.46.png

Stone Farm

Builder - el_andres96

Producing, breaking, collecting, smelting, and storing almost four thousand blocks of stone per hour, this machine turns Minecraft into just Craft.


Auto Brewer

Builder - morl0ck


Wither Rose Farm

Builder - M_Brix


Bee Farm

Builder - LegendaryArtz


Tree Farm

Builder - SpenPen


Auto Smelter

Builder - morl0ck


Map Art

Coming Soon.