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Name: Lordtopia

Formed: 9/4/2020

Members: Lord1, Lard1, Hjah, cheesy_chips22, MoWobbler, Cutman, ostrich1414
Clans: Church of Francis, The Order of Wilbur

Lordtopia is a spawn base founded by both Lord1 and Lard1 (not to be confused with eachother, although Lard1 is now owned by Lord1 as of the 10th of April 2020) on the 8th of April.



Founded on the 8th of April 2020, this mighty fine spawn base came to be one of the most memorable spawn bases of all time.

Some of the first builds were done by Lord1 and Lard1 within the first hour, then others starting showing up, including HJah, Cheesy and Cutman. After a while, more showed up, including MoWobbler and ostrich1414, in admin mode.

The First Invasion of Lordtopia

On the eve of the 8th of April, a lone warrior, Zimmels came to Lordtopia and started attacking its Members, after a brief battle Zimmels was blown up by Lord1. Lordtopia was restored to peace.

The Terrorist attack of April 9th

On the morn of April 9th, some TNT was places near HJah's massive stone penis. This TNT was then blown up, causing damage to the surroundings and to part of HJah's incredibly massive balls.

The Second Invasion of Lordtopia

Roughly an hour later, Zimmels returned and after a short parlay with the numerous inhabitants of Lordtopia, another battle ensued. Ostrich was killed within 20 seconds of the battle starting by Zimmels' crystal, not too soon after, MoWobbler was blown up too. And after a couple of minutes of crystal dodging and sword fighting, Zimmels was once again blown up by Lord1. The citizens of Lordtopia agreed to return Zimmels' gear on the agreement that he wouldn't grief or attack Lordtopia again.