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Mecca مكة المكرمة
Name: Mecca مكة المكرمة

Status: Active

Formed: 15/02/21

Members: Trppbll, Lord1, Emielkamil, IDenyMyCrits, MoWobbler, MrDavid99, Chipinazo, Marica, Brusa95, AnakinSky
Clans: Holy States of Francis

Mecca is multi-themed base build in a mesa biome created after the Imperial War as an effort by HSOF to help resettle the many war refugees and new recruits that had no where to go. Unlike COF's early failed attempts at base building, Mecca grew to become a culture hub and almost always has at least 1 person working on it at a time.

Aliens vs Cowboys vs Robots

Some themes at the base included a huge 'MASA' space ship, the 'Techno Union' crashed space shuttle and of course MoWobblers Cowboy saloon. All these contrasting theme groups would often confront each other leading to a rivalry between the 3, which would reflect in their builds. For example the Techno Union would start mining the infamous meteor in the town centre which MASA was planning on investigating.

Unfinished :-) plz add <3 -lard