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Name: Chipinazo
Ingame name: chipinazo
Alts: None
Status: Active
First joined: May 5th, 2020

Location: Spain

Clans: Spanish Inquisition, Holy States of Francis
Bases: Hispania, Belgica, 4am, Albacete, Exilio I, 007, Mecca, Three Words, Ragnarok

Don´t be afraid, he is a good guy!

Chipinazo is a Spanish SimPvP player that first joined the server on May 5th, 2020. Nowadays, he persists as one of the most active and sociable players on the server.


On May 5th, 2020, a group of Spanish players joined SimPvP to start one of their better adventures: survive. One of those players was chipinazo, who was able to escape from spawn thanks to expertise and knowledge of the game. When the other Spanish people joined, he came back to help their compatriots.

There were no problems for him to escape and he founded, along with MrDavid99, Diakhaba and Nikoxx, a new base that would mark the beginning for the Hispanic community on the server.

When they were having some fun in their new base, the Church of Francis (now the Holy States of Francis) and MrCramYT insided these players to betray the Spanish group. The COF went to their base and started killing them. But this was no problem for chipinazo, who led the Spaniards on a long journey all the way to their new start.

At the moment, he's a disciple in the Holy State of Francis, and keeps enjoying his time with the Spaniards. He's a former builder that has participated in many famous events on the server, as The Imperial War. And he's _letrasado's boyfriend.