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Ingame name: Melonbai
Alts: He is an alt himself
Status: Active
First joined: January 16th, 2019

Location: Usually loitering within 2000 blocks of spawn. But currently at Fort Cranberry

Melonbai is the titular alt of Melonhi who usually hangs around spawn conversing with people. Lately he has taken up residence at Fort Cranberry and has defended it from CranberryWarrior on several occasions after ostrich1414 took it over from him along with the help of the rest of the Colony Of Fort Cranberry. Since his singular defeat at the hands of CranberryWarrior. He has since returned to Fort Cranberry to rebuild and decorate the cobblestone fortress. He is also carrying on the work VanDeStad had been working on by continuing to expand the massive carrot farm that was being constructed up until they left the colony.