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Name: Nameless

Status: Conquered

Formed: 2015

Members: iQuint, miniwimi, BloysterCultist, Infam0us2, CrackyJoe, M_BRIX
Bases: The flying donut(Gregoria)

Nameless was a team comprised of mainly Swedish players, who could not think of a name for their group, and settled with 'nameless'

The Swedish incident

In mid December 2015, AllSixSix somehow gained the coords to their flying hub base, the flying donut, which had portal links to various farms. AllSixSix sent his teammates Porkington and SirTashingdon to take the base, and they swiftly located and captured it.The base was named Gregoria by The Principate, and AllSixSix presented the team with a treaty that essentially forced them to either allow the Principate to use all their facilities and pay tax, or abandon it. The team has ceased building indefinately, as The Principate has placed increasingly harsh demands on them.

The Blue Orchid Cult and the Alt Wars

Some of the members of Namelss formed a new team, the Blue Orchid Cult and went to war against The Principate, causing it to collapse. The Blue Orchid Cult, in turn, eventually also collapsed.