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Status: Conquered

Clans: Nameless , The Principate

Gregoria, originally having no name and being referred to as 'the flying donut', was the primary base of the team Nameless until its invasion on 23rd December 2015. It was a hub base, largely decorative, consisting of a glass ring full of trees and a central dome which housed an array of portals leading to various farms.


The central dome houses portals linking to:

- A guardian farm

- A mob spawner and drop sorter

- A blaze rod farm

- Habitation domes above the main ring

- An ice spike biome - this portal acted as a spawn link

Habitation domes
The central hub of the base


On the 23rd of December 2015, members of The Principate Porkington and SirTashingdon gained access to the base via the portal link to the ice spike biome. Porkington griefed Quint's dome and the two looted the farms. They set up a link to the base and AllSixSix laid out terms of surrender in a peace treaty. The base has since been used by The Principate and Nameless, with tensions rising between the two. This event has been named as the central cause of the war between the Principate and the Blue Orchid Cult.

The signs left after the initial invasion