New Oberstein

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New Oberstein
New oberstein.jpg
Name: New Oberstein

Status: Griefed

Formed: April 2020

Members: pippenger, ostrich1414, DiGGing4Gold

New Oberstein was a large spawn base created by pippenger, ostrich1414, and DiGGing4Gold between April and May 2020. Named after Oberstein, a similar project from years prior, New Oberstein was the first major spawn project for the New League, a secretive team established by the three.

New Oberstein would be targeted and griefed by the Church of Francis during The Imperial War, when it was severely griefed on December 11th, 2020.

Azdin removed what remained which took a shulker of picks since the main temple had a base of solid bricks.


Some pictures of New Oberstein prior to the grief:

New oberstein.jpg New Oberstein.png