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Ingame name: DiGGing4GOld
Status: Active
First joined: February 2nd, 2019

Clans: Men Hyogi-kai
Bases: Unnamed Solo Base, Men Hyogi-kai, Sigil, Takyon

General Overview

DiGGing4gold is a player known for his complex redstone builds, his positive work ethic, his residence in the fine nation of Australia, and his general respect towards others in chat. He joined Simpvp on February 2nd, 2019.

Early History/Unnamed Base

DiGGing4gold started his journey on Simpvp much like the rest of us. Joining during the weekend (on Groundhog Day, funnily enough) he traveled from 0,0 with the ambition to start a new base. After settling down far from spawn, DiGGing4gold laid down the foundation for what would become his new home. He invited no new members to the base and never even gave it a name, which showed what kind of player Digg was. He focuses on utility. In an age where many players join looking to be famous, a player like Digg is a rare sight, and something to look up to. He lived at this base for some time, but not much information on it exists.

Men Hyogi-kai

Digg was a member of NeutralistNoodle's Men Hyogi-kai clan. He later became a member of Tjestrypa, the headquarters of the Men Hyogi-kai. It was founded on December 7th, 2019. Initially, the base was founded by NeutralistNoodle alone, but soon many other members of the Men Hyogi-kai joined the base, including Digg. The base was underground, and Digg worked on various projects at the base.


After the fall of Men Hyogi-kai, Digg went back to working solo. This was until VetoTheNeato asked in chat if anyone would like to apply to join his new base, Sigil. Digg asked, and Veto said yes. Digg was one of the very first members of the base, and one of the first to arrive. However, shortly after the Sigil Incident, Digg and all other members fled the base.


Digg was one of the most active and important members of Takyon. He was the leader and main contributor to the base's underground farm section and was the mastermind behind some of the base's largest, most defining features. He was, unfortunately, unable to participate in the server-wide party at Takyon due to time differences.