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Ingame name: Rainyday203
Status: Active
First joined: February 29, 2019

Clans: The Fellowship (Phase I)
Bases: Semper Idem

Origin Story and First Base

Rainyday203 (Often simply called "Rainy","Raini" or "Rain" by most players on the server.) Joined the server on 23rd February 2019 after hearing about the server from a friend who had quit several years Ago. Upon Joining they initially Planned to live alone as a Nomand, building small bases which would serve to gather resources and leave a unique mark on the landscape Rainy had called home. They did so for several Days in a small underground base in a Savannah Biome surrounded by an pre-1.13 Ocean and a large amount of chunk errors formed from new Terrain generation in 1.13.2. Unsure of who to trust and the servers groups. They often worried that they appeared somewhat untrustworthy at first, but Rainy was often seen talking in chat greeting users and asking several questions about the server, after which they where given a link to the wiki by CreaPat which helped Rainy gain trust in the servers frequent Players such as Antzakes1 who Rainy would later come to consider close friends.The unnamed and unfinished Savannah Base primarily used Andersite, Cobblestone and Stone Brick Blocks and consisted of a 20x20 uneven and fairly circular underground area that was never fully finished hidden under grass and a small Lake. The base sat somewhere close to Z:65000 and Y:63.00. The X axis is currently Unknown, as such the base still remains relativity undamaged, Hidden as a relic of Rainys' early days on the server, seemingly undiscovered by Rainy or any other Players.

The downfall of an Unnamed and Abandoned Base

it was revealed by Rainy in chat that shortly after moving into this Temporary base an unfortunate series of events transpired leading to a death in which Rainys' Bed was unexpectedly destroyed by a creeper due to the low light level of the base. Cast back to Spawn and slightly disheartened, Rainy eventually decided to build a new base above ground vowing it would be bigger and a tribute to his Dog, who had died in the sudden Creeper Attack and had travelled over 55000 blocks with them. However, this plan was interrupted and Never ended up happening due to an unexpected series of events involving a New Friend and a Large Base Rainy would later Join and play a key part in...

The Fellowship and New Hope

As Rainy travelled south away from spawn, they where messaged by TheOnlySlash who eventually persuaded them to join their Base and live there instead. Rainy agreed, deciding that basing with the Newly made friend was a good idea, allowing them to gain both a steady stable food supply, allies and new opportunities to build and leave a greater impact upon the server. This base later became known as Semper Idem and Rainy Played a key part in it's construction as a permanent resident. Rainy Travelled to Semper Idem utilising Several Nether Subways at y120, just below the Nethers' ceiling initially dying on the journey Rainy helped make the tunnels safer by constructing several hidden passages and small farms along the way with beds to provide a safe and nearby spawn point. Hoping both hardened veterans and particularly Newer players could utilise these safe spots to replenish hearts, obtain food (including Melons, Wheat, and later several Potatoes, which where later removed and taken from the chest by an unknown player.) and set a spawn point, leaving several signs making reference to a "Spot of Refuge for Weary travellers." urging players to "Please take what you need". An ungrified example of this is what rainy later nicknamed "The 8k Farm". A farm located at Roughly z:8000 on the y:120 Nether Highway. The farm is based in the overworld, partially due to the inability to use beds in the Nether without causing serious damage or usually instant death. The farm boasts both a small bedroom, mine and a somewhat minuscule farm nearby designed for a short stop on a longer journey utilising the Nether Highway. The farm is in a plains biome, and as such is completely flat, with only the nearby farm and small underground bedroom breaking this pattern. Later on Rainy would return to this spot, lighting it up and planting trees often. Hoping to supply players with wood, apples and a safe spot to rest. Later efforts included the surrounding of the farm in Netherrack, however this was never finished and the remnants of this are mainly limited to the portal and the front of the farm. Rainy is often seen at the 8k farm, guarding it, filling the chest with items (particularly food), checking on its condition and attempting to help New players who stumble upon the 8k farm. Unfortunately Rainy was attacked at the 8k farm by a Player wielding a set of iron armour and a sharpness two Iron Sword, Rainy Explained they meant no harm, however to no Avail was attacking. Giving the attacker one more chance before being attacked again. Rainy was forced to slay the player, as they didn't want to lose their recently obtained Enchanted set, or be sent back to their spawnpoint in Semper Idem later giving the player their gear back in /World and clearing up the misunderstanding between the Player and Rainy. After This event Rainy has began to visit the 8K Farm noticeably Less, fearing future encounters in which startled players may have attacked Rainy. This has lead to The 8K Farm becoming slightly run down, however Rainy still visits when the Player count is low, tending to the small farm and ensuring it is a viable place for food and rest during other players travels.

Arrival at Semper Idem

Arriving on 3rd February 2019 after using The Nether subway. Rainy decided to join The Fellowship and became an official member, pledging to help out on the many Nether Tunnels and maintain Peace on the server, which are some of the main aims of the group. The groups general policy of neutrality unless the server or a large amount of its history was under threat suited Rainys' general passive nature well due to Rainys' generally peaceful disposition. As such Rainy felt right at home, quickly rising through the ranks of The Fellowship and meaning Rainy Met many players involved in both the base and The Fellowship, causing Rainy to gain several further Allies and have an easier time maintaining places such as the Y:120 Nether Highway and the 8k farm, sometimes travelling with other players to speed up work and ensure violence is avoided unless absolutely necessary.

Rainy's Return

Rainy left the server briefly and was inactive for several months through 2019. After a long period of inactivity Rainy returned and decided to live alone once more, building many small cliffside bases (particularly within chunk and or world generation errors) and leaving abandoning the 8K farm due too its deterioration and griefed state. Since rejoining Rainy has notably spoken much less in chat than previously and has remained neutral, seeming too keep too themselves, however has continued too greet players upon joining in a similar way as previously.