Sanch Vegas

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Sanch Vegas
Name: Sanch Vegas
Status: Active

Formed: March 22, 2020

Members: Hamieb, Duffilufagus, Das_Dankgineer, Vinmanh, anthonys244, Bren4020, Pdittydunn,
Clans: The Commonwealth, The Cult of Sanchez

Sanch Vegas is a base founded on March 22, 2020 shortly before the end of The Byzantium War. It is the new capital of The Commonwealth and claims to be the true successor of Triterrus, the first Commonwealth base. Although it’s commonly referred to as Sanch Vegas, that is not the true name of the base. Sanchez’ thoughts are too deep to be defined simply by words, thus his name for the base can only be perfectly defined by this image, making it the first and only base on simpvp who’s official name is a picture.