The Commonwealth

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The Commonwealth
Name: The Commonwealth

Status: Active

Formed: March 23, 2019

Members: Hamieb, Das_Dankgineer, TonTheKidRS, Vinmanh, Duffilufagus, Passaconaway, anthonys244, pdittydunn, DarthBacca77, Aesken
Bases: Atlas, Triterrus, Better New Jersey, Moar New Better Jersey, The Outpost

The Commonwealth is a major clan formed on March 23, 2019. It is a wealthy and powerful team with many expansive bases, such as its capital, Triterrus. All the members of The Commonwealth are friends in real life.


Months before The Commonwealth was officially formed, it was unofficially formed with the founding of The Outpost by Hamieb, who hastily invited his brother, Das_Dankgineer, and two of his closest friends, TonTheKidRS and Vinmanh. They continued to gather resources at The Outpost until they felt prepared to move on and create a more permanent base. Their first attempt at moving was cut short when they realized they weren’t far enough from spawn due to the discovery of a crafting bench 5000 blocks away. Their second expedition was a success, and marked the birth of Triterrus, which became the team’s first city and capital. At that time the team was officially known as “The A Team”, however The A Team was simply known as “Triterrus” with Triterrus serving as both the team and the city.