Das Dankgineer

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Name: Das_Dankgineer
Ingame name: Das
Status: Active player
First joined: 28th of December 2018

Bases: Fort Ishvall, Triterrus

Das_Dankgineer is the Secretary of State of Triterrus and one of the founding members.


Das_Dankgineer joined simpvp shortly after his brother, Hamieb, joined simpvp. The two were looking for an alternative to the shitty lan server that was hosted on Das_Dankgineer's glorified toaster of a laptop. Das_Dankgineer went on to become a founding member of Triterrus, and as her Secretary of State.


Das_Dankgineer co-founded Triterrus along with Hamieb, Vinmanh, and TonTheKidRS. Das_Dankgineer went on to build the Ishvalla District, his private stake in Triterrus. The centerpiece of Ishvalla is Fort Ishvall, a castle made almost entirely of nether brick and red nether brick (to Passaconaway and other people with sensible architecture taste's eternal dismay), surrounded by a lava moat and nether wart field. Additionally, Das_Dankgineer is credited with building the gold farm and the rail system.


Das_Dankgineer, as Secretary of State handles the foreign affairs of Triterrus. He is credited with arranging the alliance with Struthio, Antzakes1, the Fellowship and the Fellowship of the Kittens. He also declared war upon SimCoin after Struthio declared war upon SimCoin, which led to 3 small skirmishes between Das_Dankgineer, Hamieb, SimCoin and b9b9.

Additionally, Das_Dankgineer has done much trading on the server, mainly with mending books, which has made him the richest member of Triterrus to date.

YMP's 1.1 Million Block Trek

At the beginning of YMP's existence, Das_Dankgineer was opposed to their extreme griefing habits. In order to waste their time, and get in a good laugh, Das_Dankgineer scammed the members of YMP, giving them the fake coords of Struthio for 5 diamond blocks. YMP spent a week preparing for the journey, even offering real world money for god armor. Tupik began the 8 hour nether journey, traveling 1.1 million blocks, only to find a field in the middle of no where. YMP disintegrated within the next few days, with the trek making Phamtom lose faith in YMP and to later betray them.


  • Das_Dankgineer is afk more than he's not.
  • Das_Dankgineer's official color is red.
  • Das_Dankgineer's computer will crash a couple times if it is turned off, which is why he afks way too much. His laptop battery, according to Duffilufagus, is at risk for explosion. Das, however, is too lazy to get a new battery. #GetDasANewBattery
  • Despite his name, Das_Dankgineer is actually not German