Swamp castle

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Swamp Castle
Name: Swamp Castle

Status: Abandoned

Formed: Mid 2014

Members: M_BRIX, CrackyJoe, miniwimi

Following the Gregoria exodus, members of Blue Orchid Cult began prospecting new sites to begin a base. M_BRIX and CrackyJoe began to scour the overworld, and came across a region with attractive terrain, calm shores and imposing mountains to start a new home. The Swamp Castle was almost entirely constructed by CrackyJoe, and showed the early pinnings of what would develop into his building style.

The Swamp Castle was never truly completed, as BOC decided on a new and safer location to begin construction of a main base. The status of this fortress is unknown, but has been discovered by some of the more enterprising explorers on the server.

Primary features are a large spanning outer wall, garden paths, a cathedral-like structure, and a supply/housing building.


Swamp1.jpg Swamp2.jpg Swamp3.jpg Swamp4.jpg