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Temperance (Passacaglia)
Name: Temperance (Passacaglia)

Status: Moderately griefed

Formed: May 15th, 2019

Location: -99626 ~ 393546
Members: Tenced, haileymc2000, nddragoon, AtacFauxpas, xexc


The day that Hammerhall was discovered by Kojed, Tenced began making plans to move away from the FOK bases and ultimately quit the FOK because of it's bad reputation. Tenced then traveled to the base's location and began working on it. Tenced immediately invited Haileymc2000 to the base. After the FOK was officially disbanded knowing that the FOK bases were days away from being griefed decided to invite most other members of the former clan.


The player xexc was unintentionally made homeless because of the grief. Every player is encouraged to support them until they can manage to build another home.

griefed presumably by kojed (nddragoon)