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Name: Hammerhall

Status: Abandoned

Formed: Early April 2019
Abandoned: May 14th, 2019

Members: Lord1, Nddragoon, MrMeeps, Tenced, AtacFauxpas, Bacon_15
Clans: Fellowship of the Kittens

Hammerhall is the fourth base belonging to the Fellowship of the Kittens which is mostly used to build industrial automatic farms.



After Lord1 and MrMeeps landed in an extreme hills biome, they decided to settle down for an industrial-type base due to its flatness and nice location next to a river. The first building made in the at the time unnamed base was Lord1's new house, where he would move to from Syracusai. They then proceeded to build the Melon Boiz Inc.™ Headquarters and Farm building to start up the enterprise.


After settling down, MrMeeps showed Nddragoon, Bacon_15, and Tenced to the new base. When nddragoon arrived, he immediately improved the Melon Boiz Inc.™ melon farm, (an event described by Lord1 as "raping his baby") and started digging in an attempt to find a slime chunk he could exploit under the base.

Lord1 preceded to mine two mountains for roughly 4 hours (13-14 thousand blocks) in order to clear space for new builds.

A few days later, MrMeeps started killing Tenced and Lord1 out of nowhere, and he temporarily exiled himself from FOK because of it. a memorial of the indecent is located in the middle of the small town.

The base remained nameless for over 2 weeks, with members debating among names including, but not limited to

- New Syracusai

- Digger base

- Triumvirate

- Communist shithole

- jerusalem

- Tel-Aviv

- Palesrael

- longhall

- Silverstream

- Lords landing

until on April 19th 2019, nddragoon, Lord1, and AtacFauxpas finally came to an agreement and officially named it Hammerhall, after the massive FOK High Council Hall.

(AtacFauxpas also was left out for the first two weeks because no one had realized they had forgotten to show him how to get there)

The Fall

On May 14th, Hammerhall was abandoned after it was found by Kojed. Kojed did a favour for the Fellowship of the Kittens and didn't leak the coords, until he did to The Fellowship with most other Fellowship of Kittens bases. The industrial factory city was stripped of all valuable resources, all portals near it destroyed.

Hha2.png Hha3.png (in the photos - Lord1 trying to talk to kojed)

Hha1.png (in the photo - Lord1 leaving Hammerhall for the last time)