The Conspiracy

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The Conspiracy
Name: The Conspiracy

Status: Active

Formed: 21st Century

Members: clipchip, JavelinFury, MisterStrawman
Bases: Golden Sun, The Vault

The Conspiracy is a mysterious and powerful team formed sometime in 2016, 2017, or 2018. Members include clipchip, JavelinFury, and MisterStrawman. The team is known for creating some of the vastest and most complex bases on the server, and also for amassing perhaps the most wealth of any team in SimPvP history.

During early 2018, The Conspiracy engaged in a tense rivalry with another major team, The League. The Conspiracy infiltrated many bases, including Grasstle, Majula, and even Ascaris, but rather than raiding these bases, decided to sign a peace treaty with Pippenger in March 2018 and end hostilities.