GS Trading Co.

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GS (Gsmack & SkullerG Trading Co.)
Name: GS (Gsmack & SkullerG Trading Co.)
Alts: GSTradingCo, GSTrading
Status: Active
First joined: April-June 2020
Formed: 2018

Bases: GS Base 1 - Sternenfall Nochmal - Wasserige Hölle drei - The South Pole - Barrier Town

GS Trading Co is a secluded group ran by Gsmack and SkullerG. Established in 2018 on 2b2t and migrating over to sim in June 2020, the group has grown from the original 2, to now 9 members. GS Trading Co is mostly known on the server for being very wealthy, and it has become one of the fastest-growing groups of 2020. They are known for PvP, collecting, exploring, and farm designing. GS Trading Co. was formed in 2018 when Gsmack and SkullerG wanted to make a collection for their items on 2b2t. Once they did, they invited their friends 4Pilot and Redbaron1991 to make some bases and join as affiliates. They later expanded the group by inviting iLxgend. Once the group had grew bored of 2b2t, they were looking for another server to join, and later migrated over to SimPvP looking for a new place to play.

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Players affiliated with GS Trading: