The Foxhole

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The Foxhole
The Foxhole 3.png
Name: The Foxhole

Status: Griefed and Inactive

Formed: November 29th, 2019
Abandoned: December 19th, 2019

Members: cmlove

The Foxhole was an underground base founded by cmlove on November 29th, 2019. Located entirely underground, "The Foxhole" got its name from both the fact that it is modeled after a fox's underground burrow, and the fact that the base housed dozens of foxes, all of which were bred by cmlove. The base itself had a nature-inspired, earthly aesthetic, combining cmlove's love for flora and fauna with her passion for detailed design and building.

The Foxhole contained several notable features, ranging from basic farms to a fox breeder to a storage room to a nether portal room. The Foxhole also contained a massive map of SimPvP's Spawn area, and an embassy for the city of Yittrium. Further below the base was an underground "city" with a main street and a few houses along it. The base also featured guest rooms for players and a stable for animals. A unique banner presenting the face of a fox served as the Foxhole's main banner.

Throughout the Foxhole's existence, several players have assisted cmlove in its construction and upkeep. Members from both the Shadow Mcmafia and Yittrium have especially had a hand in assisting her, from dariepearjuicy to ostrich1414 to cheesy_chips22. Other notable players who helped at the Foxhole include Lord1 and Blockplanet94.

Unfortunately, on December 19th, 2019, cmlove logged on to discover that the Foxhole was severely griefed and looted by an unknown player. Because of this, she was forced to abandon the project altogether.


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