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Ingame name: BossCoww
Alts: Extuin
Status: Active
First joined: Feb 16, 2019

Location: Unknown

Clans: YeeterMyPeeter
Bases: EGGTOWN, AXETOWN Struthio

BossCoww just decided to play this server one day. There is nothing much more to this I just decided to play.

An Eh Start

On February, 16, 2019, BossCoww was encouraged by a friend to join SimPvP. Those people were none other than Jake276493 himself. He just thought of the idea to FUCK SHIT UP and make this place more corrupt. As Jake and BossCoww joined the server Jake had found a castle close to spawn called Novus Castle, and there is where BossCoww made a name for himself during the Novus Castle Raid as being a part of a group called YeeterMyPeeter.

The Great Novus Castle Raid

A day after BossCoww joined the server he and the rest of YMP decided it would be fun if they all griefed Novus Castle. The battle consisted of us retards having the most fun in a Minecraft server we could. There were tons of people flying around attempting to stop us from destroying the castle, but to no avail. The protectors of Novus Castle fled from battle with the remaining dropping like flies. The most dangerous weapon YeeterMyPeeter used was stone axes.

The Great Break

One day BossCoww and the other members of The Four Tumors decided to just chill for a bit and disband YeeterMyPeeter. While chilling their base, DunceVille, was found and destroyed by a player known as clipchip. So they turned to their pal Ostrich1414 to help find us a base. To their luck Ost found a base for them to wait and chill at for the time being while they try to find a new place. This base was an underground complex known as Der Bunker.