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Name: Westeros

Status: Inactive

Formed: September 2017

Members: KellyEKelly

Westeros is a base founded by KellyEKelly in September 2017. Based off of the Game of Thrones universe, "Westeros" is the fictional world in which many of the characters live in, and KellyEKelly's desire to build this world on SimPvP resulted in the foundation of Westeros. With frequent help from ostrich1414 and JavelinFury, Westeros is planned to be comprised of various medieval cities and castles throughout the extended area it covers.


Foundations Under the United Alliance

In early September of 2017, KellyEKelly expressed a desire to construct a replica of the world of Westeros from the Game of Thrones universe, and looked to the United Alliance for assistance. As she was a member of the organization and one of the founders of its first city, Quinsigamond, ostrich1414 obliged and the two began work on a plot of land far from spawn.

KellyEKelly began by constructing a massive castle atop a mountain, overlooking an ocean and an extreme hills biome. This castle, influenced by Game of Thrones, features medieval architecture and a heavy composition of stone and granite materials. Though this castle was primarily built by herself, she would receive frequent help from fellow UA members ostrich1414 and JavelinFury. Under the UA, Westeros flourished, becoming its fourth originally-built base.

A Shift in Power and Progression

On October 6th, 2017, the United Alliance collapsed as they lost the War of Monarchia to Clipiiii's Gang. Because of this, The Royal Allegiance was founded shortly after and received full control of Westeros. Not much changed under this shift of power, as the RA was very similar to the UA and KellyEKelly remained in power over Westeros. Nevertheless, the base progressed as her main castle neared completion and nearby roads and villages were beginning to be constructed. Within the castle, ornate rooms were constructed as the castle's interior expanded.

Westeros' Hiatus

By early 2018, KellyEKelly's activity on the server began to dwindle as her server appearances lessened. Eventually, she had fallen into a temporary hiatus, leaving behind Westeros to stand idle. Simultaneously, ostrich1414 had become occupied by his duties with The League, and together with JavelinFury, their competition within The Cold War led the two former caretakers to forget about Westeros entirely as the base fell into stagnation.