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Name: Monarchia

Status: Griefed and Inactive

Formed: May 2017
Abandoned: February 2018

Members: ostrich1414, JavelinFury, clipchip, Porkington, unclechain, SirTashingdon, INDIGO011

Monarchia was a city founded by ostrich1414 and JavelinFury in May 2017. Located in a plains biome surrounded by forests and mountains, Monarchia was a city influenced by Aggersel's district format, in which the city is comprised of various distinct districts. The city was intended to be a massive community that served as the capital for the United Alliance, and each district within the capital served a different purpose and contained a unique theme. After October 6th, 2017, Monarchia became the capital for The Royal Allegiance, and, sometime in 2018, it was severely griefed beyond repair.

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A Necessary City

After the memorial city of Quinsigamond was finished, in which ostrich1414 and JavelinFury both took part in, they founded "The Remembrance", a new clan that was slowly gaining membership throughout the server. The Remembrance's mission was to preserve and protect the server's rich history and culture; this was inspired by the goal of Quinsigamond, which was to memorialize the hard work of long-time SimPvP players, most notably pippenger. As the Remembrance was growing, and Quinsigamond was near completion, it was evident that a much larger city would be needed to cater to this organization, as well as giving ostrich1414 and JavelinFury a new project to work on. After much planning, a location was discovered and it was decided that the city would be named "Monarchia": the Monarch City of the Remembrance.

A Capital is Born

After their departure from Quinsigamond, ostrich1414 and JavelinFury arrived at their new location in late May of 2017. A massive stone brick tower was built atop a mountain, right nearby an NPC village. Known as "The Monolith", this large tower would serve as the temporary headquarters and recruiting center for Monarchia as the other districts grew. Not long after the tower's completion, close ally clipchip was invited to work alongside the two and contribute his hard work to the city.

The first district to be built was one primarily made of sandstone, located at the very base of the back of the tower. This district, known as "Roma", was modeled off of Ancient Roman architecture and features many gorgeous builds, including an army barracks and a decorative arch. As the district progressed and further work on the city commenced, recruit work and infrastructure would be simultaneously focused on as Monarchia was quickly preparing to become a massive capital.

The United Alliance and the City's Growth

In June of 2017, ostrich1414 and JavelinFury received a surprise when Pippenger returned to the server after a year-and-a-half-long hiatus. As Pippenger was the inspiration for The Remembrance and their focus, due to his departure, his return marked an end to the legend-like status he held whilst away from the server, thus rendering the Remembrance obsolete. In fact, Pippenger, now using his alt Porkington, criticized this name, preferring that the clan looked towards the future rather than simply the past. Thus, the United Alliance was formed, and the team endured a shift in membership, organization, focus, and infrastructure.

Under the United Alliance or the UA, Monarchia continued to prosper. Many more unique districts were beginning to appear across the land as new members were being recruited almost daily. Ostrich1414 began work on the city's second district, Bostonia, while longtime ally unclechain joined the team and began work on his futuristic Hill District. In fact, Monarchia's growth even extended past its borders, giving the city a larger presence throughout the server as the UA focused on efforts to increase its global influence. With a sharper focus and better organization, under the UA, Monarchia was able to grow freely and the city endured a period of prosperity.

Clip's Departure and Fort Mona

On August 22nd, 2017, UA member worldruler086 was invited to visit Monarchia from his post in Verillium, and a temporary portal was set up to bring him there. This angered clipchip as both he and worldruler086 had past tensions and conflicts that prohibited the two from making up. Despite clipchip continuously warning both ostrich1414 and JavelinFury about his disdain for worldruler086, vocally telling them not to let him in, the two did it anyway as they saw worldruler086 as a valuable asset to the UA. Bringing him to Monarchia was simply the nail in the coffin, and clipchip became furious. As ostrich1414 was giving him a tour of the city, clipchip ambushed and attacked worldruler086, killing him instantly and stealing his drops. Clipchip then proceeded to destroy his own creation, the floating island known as the Mile High Club, and stated his official departure from the UA, withdrawing from Monarchia. While worldruler086 ultimately remained in the UA and continued his work at Verillium, the impact of clipchip's departure was felt throughout the UA, and Monarchia specifically was affected greatly as it lost an iconic monument and was the site of a deadly attack.

Despite these events looming over the UA as a dark point in its history, things were soon mended as ostrich1414, JavelinFury, and SirTashingdon began work on an official United Alliance headquarters. Named "Fort Mona" by SirTashingdon, the three wanted to create a physical building for the UA's headquarters within its capital city, and construction commenced around late August 2017. Fort Mona was led by SirTashingdon himself: he was given the temporary title of Head Commissioner of Construction for Fort Mona. First, the three carved out a man-made island and terraformed it to create a star shape. The main foundations and walls were thus created, and, when looked at from above, Fort Mona appeared as a perfect star. Fort Mona contains offices for each UA-affiliated base, where their respective representatives go, as well as the primary government offices and a records room, among other features.

The War of Monarchia

Still angry over his breakup with the UA, clipchip eventually retaliated by constructing a large castle within the city limits, illegally building on the Monarchian soil. As he was no longer a UA member, this angered ostrich1414 and JavelinFury, and the two confronted clipchip over his build. However, clipchip shot down the two and claimed the land for "Clipiiii's Gang", a newly-formed clan consisting of only him. He threatened to destroy the UA and take over Monarchia, but ostrich1414 did not take these threats seriously. Despite this, tensions were in the air between the UA and Clipiiii's Gang.

On September 27th, 2017 tensions between the two only worsened as clipchip's threats grew more severe and ostrich1414's recklessness grew more evident. Porkington, who was one of the UA's most prominent councilmen, left the clan behind and joined clipchip, working to help him create an intimidating area around his castle. Ostrich1414 became furious and proceeded to construct a spy tower right next to clipchip, who warned ostrich1414 that building this structure would result in serious consequences. Without listening, ostrich1414 built the tower significantly higher than clipchip's castle and began shooting arrows down at him. Clipchip then began to relentlessly bomb ostrich1414's tower, blowing up the foundations. Ostrich1414 took this as an act of aggression and, moments later, officially declared war on Clipiiii's Gang.

"The War of Monarchia", as this conflict became known, lasted a little over a week as the United Alliance sought to eradicate Clipiiii's Gang as well as remove his presence and influence from Monarchia. Clipchip, however, desired to take land from the city and threatened to destroy the UA. Two days after the declaration of war, clipchip constructed a long, strong wall around a large chunk of Monarchian land, including important UA buildings, claiming them for his own. Ostrich1414 then destroyed this wall and rebuilt it around his castle, reclaiming the stolen land as well as Porkington's tower. The next day, clipchip repeatedly ambushed and attacked ostrich1414 while he was helping SirTashingdon construct Fort Mona, killing him three times. This eventually resulted in an aerial battle between the two, even involving JavelinFury, as the three shot at each other from the sky.

Clipchip, frustrated with the UA, continuously asked them to surrender, to which a stubborn ostrich1414 repeatedly dismissed. However, the war began to experience a cool- down as the two clans avoided further physical combat and attacks, and the UA councilmen contemplated the conditions of surrender and what they would entail for the UA's future.

On October 6th, 2017, ostrich1414 and clipchip began serious talks of peace, to which ostrich1414 considered surrendering to Clipiiii's Gang. Clipchip stated that ostrich1414 could continue to use the UA's facilities, and the clan would continue to thrive, but he would become the leader and push ostrich1414 from his position. After thinking this over, ostrich1414 agreed and the two signed a peace treaty within clipchip's castle, officially ending the War of Monarchia. This gave clipchip complete control of the UA as ostrich1414 resigned from his position. Also, ostrich1414 became an indentured servant to clipchip, and Porkington was let back into the UA.

Eventually, both works in the UA and the City of Monarchia commenced this time under clipchip's control. Though projects including Fort Mona and Porkington's tower still commenced, construction within the city ultimately slowed down as ostrich1414 began to work there less and clipchip seemed to neglect the city. INDIGO011, however, began work on his new district, The Red Light District, which teased a glimmer of hope for the once prospering city, now demoralized by a recent war. Many of the structures built during the War of Monarchia have become protected as historical relics and plans to create a district around the theme of the war are being made.

A Shift in Power and the Death of a City

Shortly after the end of the war, clipchip officially declared the collapse of the United Alliance and announced the establishment of a new organization: The Royal Allegiance. This new clan, the RA, was very similar to the UA, with only a few minor structural and ideological changes within. Nevertheless, clipchip's RA became the new predominant force on SimPvP, making the City of Monarchia the capital of the RA. This announcement saw the change of many things within the city: Fort Mona, previously the UA Headquarters, became the RA Headquarters, and clipchip's castle became one of the centerpieces of the city. Despite these changes, not much changed drastically within Monarchia, aside from a slight freeze in progression and construction.

Adjacent from clipchip's castle, JavelinFury began to build his own castle, almost identical to clipchip's. Though no explicit plans were made regarding this structure, JavelinFury had teased a desire to retake Monarchia, but would never follow through with these statements as he became more loyal to the RA.

Shortly thereafter, Monarchia would soon become a dead city; no further progression would be made, other than the occasional build by INDIGO011 at his district. Ostrich1414 and many other original city-dwellers outright abandoned it, and clipchip neglected it under his rule. Though the city would be used for materials and farming every-so-often, it was essentially left to stand as a marker of the UA's former glory and the RA's idle activity.

A Major Blow

Sometime in February 2018, the city of Monarchia was severely griefed and looted by an unknown player. This came during a time of turbulence and tension between two teams, the Royal Allegiance and The League, a new team formed by former RA members ostrich1414, Porkington and Master_Xybot. Possibly as a result of the tensions between the two, the city's griefing was openly denounced by both teams, and many players on each decided to frame each other for the attack; however, the official culprit is still unknown, and the damage to Monarchia's infrastructure, along with its already-declining productivity, signaled the apparent "official" death of the city itself. JavelinFury decided to clean up much of the damage done to the city, but the destruction was too great for it to be fully restored.

Districts of Monarchia

This is a list of the many unique districts within the city of Monarchia:

  • Roma
    • An old-time district heavily comprised of sandstone, influenced by Ancient Roman architecture and culture; created by JavelinFury and clipchip.
  • Bostonia
    • A colonial district modeled after old American cities of the 18th century, specifically Boston, which mainly uses brick and cobblestone; created by ostrich1414.
  • The Hill District
    • A futuristic complex comprised mainly of diorite that is built into a mountain, with a monorail system connecting the many buildings together; created by unclechain.
  • Morioh Town
    • A district with a vaguely Japanese theme modeled on medieval Asian architecture, which is mainly composed of Spruce wood; created by SirTashingdon.
  • The Red Light District
    • A vibrant district modeled after the De Wallen neighborhood of Amsterdam, incorporating canals and European architecture; created by INDIGO011.
  • The Wartime District
    • A district unintentionally created during the War of Monarchia, comprising of a collection of buildings constructed specifically in relation to the war effort, which was later named a historic site; created by clipchip and ostrich1414.