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Name: Atherius

Formed: December 14th 2019

Members: Blockplanet94 (Founder), JohnzyFetusboy, NeutralistNoodle, Willowienal, CranberryWarrior, Cutman, JustRez, Nagol101, iPyxis, Tenced, Lord1, Tastycarrots

Atherius was originally a base founded by Blockplanet94 housing fewer members, after he invited Aaron_pamajamos people were annoyed and wanted to leave the base. A new Atherius was founded without him.

The few districts of the base include:

Eliteman Town This part of the base was where the rich lived and built. These builds include the Atherian Court, Melon Boiz Inc. HQ (Former) and Tenced's house and smeltery.


Dirtgrubville This is the first part of atherius built. Builds include Block's house and the public storage.


Oogaboogia This part of Atherius holds the biggest builds which include the arena (unfinished), NeutralistNoodle's castle and the Johnzy and co. HQ


BC Membership

The first edition of Atherius became a Bloc for Clans member on the 9th of December but the newer and more known Atherius this wiki is on inherited the membership. Atherius helped the Bloc design and test their legals system through various court cases and diplomatic discussions.

Atherius's End

Atherius was Discovered by Azdin on January 14th 2020, the base had NeutralistNoodle and JohnzyFetusboy afk. Azdin attacked NeutralistNoodle but he came back and ran away. JohnzyFetusboy however was really afk and died. Lord1 turned up and fought Azdin in the sky for about 10 mins and when Azdin tried run away, Lord caught him and killed him but gave back his stuff in return for no griefing, raiding or leaking of Atherius.