Aurora Outpost

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Aurora Outpost
Name: Aurora Outpost

Status: Active

Formed: February 24th, 2019

Members: MoWobbler

Aurora Outpost is a base created by MoWobbler on February 24th, 2019. Located along both a forest and a grassland biome, Aurora Outpost features a variety of farms and aesthetic builds, specifically a large hilltop castle. Some notable features of Aurora Outpost include an iron farm, a villager farm, several food farms and the main castle itself, complete with a throne room. Aurora Outpost serves as MoWobbler's first major build, one that relies heavily on industry and agriculture.


Originally, MoWobbler had been living at Novus Castle, a small castle right nearby Spawn; he had been taken in by ostrich1414 and cmlove, who helped get him started on the server. However, the group YeeterMyPeeter (or #TeamYMP) eventually raided the base in what is now know as the Raid of Novus Castle on February 16th, 2019. After the raid and subsequent grief of Novus Castle, MoWobbler was forced to flee, where he traveled far enough and eventually settled on the future site of his first base. As he gathered supplies, MoWobbler would construct the Aurora Outpost, a pretty base adorned with various farms, flora and aesthetic builds.

After MoWobbler was invited to Florestria by ostrich1414 in March 2019, fellow Florestrian AntHand discovered the portal that led to the Aurora Outpost. Although the base was perfectly safe as AntHand was friendly, it led MoWobbler to open up the originally private base to his new basemates at Florestria, showing it off to them in late April 2019.


AuroraOutpost1.png AuroraOutpost2.png AuroraOutpost3.png AuroraOutpost4.png