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Name: Asguard
Alts: Ooga Booga Base
Status: Griefed and Inactive

Formed: March 2019
Abandoned: May 2019

Members: QuantumEntropy, CranberryWarrior, rezplog, Lord1, jake276493, BossCoww

Asguard (also unofficially known as "Ooga Booga Base") was a town founded by QuantumEntropy sometime in March 2019. Located in a snowy tundra, Asguard featured several large medieval-style builds, modeled after architecture seen in Skyrim; QuantumEntropy wanted to eventually construct a massive medieval town, and recruited several players to join him. This resulted in Asguard becoming the central base for the Empire of Odin.

Unfortunately, Asguard's coordinates were leaked by QuantumEntropy himself in May 2019, causing it to be severely griefed shortly thereafter.


After joining in February 2019, QuantumEntropy kept a relatively low-profile on the server as he decided what to do next. By early March 2019, he settled on a snowy tundra biome, with plans to construct a medieval-style city made entirely of key ingredients like wood, hay bales and cobblestone. Basing the builds off of Skyrim, QuantumEntropy began the project by himself, erecting many of its first buildings solo. He also created a vast wheat farm nearby the village to support his use of hale bales as a roof material; as he explained it himself, he has "one of the largest wheat farms on the server".

Soon after, QuantumEntropy invited both CranberryWarrior and rezplog to his base, now named "Asguard". Although CranberryWarrior would not contribute much, rezplog began work on a massive floating sky base, located on the outskirts of the village.

By late April - early May 2019, QuantumEntropy began opening up Asguard to more players. He invited Lord1, jake276493 and BossCoww to join him. Lord1 eventually established Swagalot Castle at this base, a large fortified castle containing several buildings inside. It was also around this time that QuantumEntropy had established his own team, the Fellowship of Odin.

On May 19th, 2019, the Fellowship of Odin and Lord1's team, the Empire of Lords, merged to form the Empire of Odin. Making QuantumEntropy its leader, the Empire of Odin ruled over Asguard, establishing it as its central capital city. However, the Empire of Odin would be short-lived.

A little over a week later in late May, QuantumEntropy and e_lee (an Empire of Odin member) got into a heated argument which ultimately resulted in QuantumEntropy leaking the coordinates to Asguard, as well as promptly quitting the server altogether. Nervous that the town would be griefed and raided by their enemies, CranberryWarrior and jake276493 decided to raid and grief Asguard themselves before anyone else could. They lit all of QuantumEntropy's wooden buildings on fire as well as blowing up several stone structures, thus marking the end of Asguard. Shortly thereafter, the Empire of Odin collapsed.


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