Brunoland War of Independence

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Brunoland War of Independence
Brunoland Grief 1.jpg
Name: Brunoland War of Independence

Status: Ended through Armistice

Formed: August 17th, 2020
Disbanded: August 30th, 2020

Clans: Brunoland, GS Trading Co.
Bases: PvP world, Brunoland

The Brunoland War of Independence was a conflict which occurred from August 17th to August 30th, 2020, fought between the members of Brunoland and the GS Trading Co. The war began after _Goujon_ started killing bruno_vera in /world, and ended with the assault and griefing of Brunoland on August 29th.



Brunoland was a base with extremely rapid development and a strong presence in player discourse. Within the first week of its existence, it had a full gold farm, a totem farm, iron farm, sugarcane farm, trading hall and villager breeder. Overall, the base grew significantly within its short timeframe, containing active members like bruno_vera, AntHand, Ragdety, Sice_01 and 2 of bruno_vera's irl friends, that never did anything there.

Sice Tower Brunoland.jpg

It saw conflict when _Goujon_ of the GS Trading Co. attempted to kill bruno_vera, Brunoland's founder, in the PvP world, causing him to fall into the void and lose a full set of god armor and a trident. After this, Brunoland declared _Goujon_ an enemy of the state, beginning the conflict between GS Trading Co. and Brunoland.

The War Begins

Shortly after the altercation in /world, the GS Trading Co. declared war on every member of Brunoland, claiming ownership to the base and its occupants. A few hours later, they blockaded /world to every group not in support of the GS Trading Co.'s claim. In response, AntHand assembled a small team to take back /world, consisting of FlameKnight, Sellout9, and AntHand. After some brief fighting, Sellout9 knocked SkullerG into the void, killing him. _Goujon_ and ostrich1414 attempted to fight the Brunoland task force from the sky after this, but both retreated as it was clear this was having no effect.

Nothing Happens

After the Brunoland victory in /world, nothing much happened. Most GS Trading Co. members were working on their own bases or helping clear lavacasts at spawn, and Brunoland members were doing the same. bruno_vera asked _Goujon_ to cease hostilities as he disliked the conflict, to which _Goujon_ agreed. Brunoland believed the war was over at this point.

Tragedy Strikes

At the conclusion of the Spawn Kast Removal Team (SKRT) efforts, everyone affiliated with the project assembled for a group photo. Brunoland and GS Trading Co. members were both present and were not fighting. However, immediately after, all the Gs members told everyone present at the photo to follow them to a 'special base'. AntHand, paranoid that the base being referred to was Brunoland, rushed to it as fast as possible, trapping the nether portal and anxiously waiting for a presumed invasion. His paranoia was correct, as nearly every member of the GS Trading Co. arrived at the base, but not through the nether portal AntHand had trapped. A brief standoff occurred as AntHand was unsure whether to react aggressively or diplomatically, but full combat broke out when the GS Trading Co. started breaking chests and bombing buildings.

Brunoland Grief 1.jpg Brunoland Grief 2.jpg

The Battle of Brunoland

Sice_01 arrived at Brunoland soon after the fighting began, but was completely unaware that the GS Trading Co. had discovered the base. He soon joined AntHand in attempting to fight off the intruders, but they were outnumbered 3-2 and unprepared for combat. As the base became more and more griefed, it was clear that they were unable to repel the GS Trading Co. and save any resources at all. AntHand's last totem was popped and his armor was running dangerously low on durability, so with no other option left, he took to the skies and attempted to draw the GS Trading Co. away from the base entirely. This partially worked, drawing _Goujon_ away, but left Sice_01 on his own. Sice_01 was eventually crystalled to death by SkullerG, and given that everything had been destroyed at that point, both AntHand and Sice_01 abandoned the defense of the base.


Given that Brunoland was somewhat close to spawn (~60k out), its security was not the best. The GS Trading Co. happened to find it while exploring the nether, and scouted out its portal hub before attacking. Their justification was that the 'War had not officially ended' when _Goujon_ agreed to stop hostilities. The Battle of Brunoland destroyed all of Brunoland's assets and left the team in disarray. It is unlikely that the members of Brunoland will regroup.