Bruno vera

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Bruno vera
Bruno vera.png
Ingame name: bruno_vera
Alts: DonGusY2K
Status: Active
First joined: December 7th, 2019

Bases: Brunoland, Goldforge Citadel Hurricane, The Skybox,OlorACuloLand and Brunos Aires

Bruno_vera is a player that joined SimPvP on December 7th, 2019; however, he became more active and involved by August 9th, 2020. Bruno_vera is notable for being a member of Goldforge Citadel, as well as the central founder of Brunoland, a base made famous due to its devastating role in the Brunoland War of Independence.

Note From Bruno: You will find me goofing around, dying to slime, or getting blown up, or what not. ( oh and i will actually add what i did on sim at some point here :D ) (penis) (give me ur dbs pls)