Bruno vera

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Bruno vera
Bruno vera.png
Ingame name: bruno_vera
Alts: None
Status: Active
First joined: December 7th, 2019

Clans: YeeterMyPeeter (Current), The Order of Wilbur (Current)
Bases: Brunoland, Goldforge Citadel Hurricane, The Skybox,OlorACuloLand, Brunos Aires, São Porco

Bruno_vera is a player that joined SimPvP on December 7th, 2019; however, he became more active and involved by August 9th, 2020. Bruno_vera is notable for being a member of Goldforge Citadel, as well as the central founder of Brunoland, a base made famous due to its devastating role in the Brunoland War of Independence .

Starting Out

bruno_vera after joining, the first thing he did was enter the nether, in which he travelled not too far to a small island, in which he had a zombie grinder, a enchanting table, a bone horse and a sugarcane farm.


He was gifted 2 dbs by ostrich1414, killed by Antzakes1 couple times in world, and didn't join back untill the 9th of august, 2020.


After joining, he asked in chat " Who wants to make a base" to which AntHand responded he wanted to, he went to where bruno was, and they walked thru the nether, they found some abandoned bases, took some screenshots, and left to make Brunoland. It follows up on Brunoland War Of Independence .

The Skybox

Then, after Brunoland got griefed, he goofed around a bit, and got invited to seventwoworlds's base, The Skybox , he made some farms , mended items and helped seventwoworlds and Ragdety.


One day, whilst flying around, he was told by Wawuwiva that he was getting invited to GFC, to which he accepted. He quickly grabbed his items, and went. To his suprise, he wasn't crystalled as soon as he crossed the first portal, meaning, he was at a new base, at GFC, he made his house, helped with a lot of farms, after a few months, due to the Imperial War GFC was griefed.

Starting out... Again

Bruno didn't know what to do, considering that a lot of people quit after it and went to NoBSMC. So, his IRL friend, Mr_Joaco was invited to make a new base, OlorACuloLand, where they made preparations to make Brunos Aires. 2 months after making Brunos Aires, he was in a call with willowienal, in which he said in game chat "wouldn't it be funny if i went to sao porco???" ostrich1414 said that he'll ask, and sooner or later, he was at São Porco, That's where he is currently located, and helping.

Note From Bruno: You will find me goofing around, dying to slime, or getting blown up, or what not. ( oh and i will actually add what i did on sim at some point here :D ) (penis) (give me ur dbs pls)