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Ingame name: SkullerG
Alts: GSTradingCo, GSTrading
Status: Active
First joined: June 14th, 2020

Clans: GS Trading Co. (Current), The Order of Wilbur (Current)
Bases: Sternenfall Nochmal, Barrier Town, The North Pole, Wassrïge Hólle Trei, São Porco, Dreamscape

SkullerG is a player who joined SimPvP on June 14th, 2020. They are most known for being one of the founding members of GS Trading Co., and for founding several spawn bases including Barrier Town and Wassrïge Hólle Trei. SkullerG is also a skilled PvPer and farms expert. Originally migrating from 2b2t, SkullerG and his GS Trading Co. allies would quickly become one of the dominating forces of the latter half of 2020.


SkullerG joined the server on June 14th, 2020, shortly after the arrival of his other GS Trading Co. counterparts. One of his first major activities on the server would be the foundation of GS Trading Co.'s main base in late June, Sternenfall Nochmal. However, much of June and July for SkullerG would be consumed by preparations for his base and for various PvP battles with other SimPvP players.

On August 17th, 2020, SkullerG and the GS Trading Co. officially declared war on Brunoland in what would become the Brunoland War of Independence. The war would last until August 30th, featuring two major battles and the eventual griefing of Brunoland by GS Trading Co. Although SkullerG suffered defeat in the first battle of the war, he would later avenge himself by emerging victorious at the Battle of Brunoland and, later, severely griefing the base. After the war's conclusion, SkullerG made up the bruno_vera, the founder of Brunoland.

Brunoland Grief 1.jpg

In the middle of the Brunoland War of Independence, SkullerG's group also began the Sim Kast Removal Team (SKRT) on August 23rd, a spawn relief effort with the primary goal of removing all of spawn's lavacasts. Although SkullerG would not participate in the first few days of SKRT, he later returned near its end to help participate in removing the final few lavacasts left.

SKRT Crew.png

Between September and October 2020, SkullerG founded two major spawn bases. The first was Barrier Town, founded by SkullerG and Nebuelaz on September 14th. Barrier Town was notable for containing numerous glitched "barrier blocks" than could not be destroyed or broken, but functioned as invisible structures. After hosting a huge party at Barrier Town the same day as its creation, it would sadly be griefed by Azdin and later used as a backdrop for the Barrier Town Conflict.

Barrier Town 1.png Barrier Town View 1.png

The second spawn base was Wassrïge Hólle Trei, a small nether base notable for its inclusion of water--a resource impossible to spawn into the nether in modern Minecraft. Much like Barrier Town, SkullerG invited several players to build and party at Wassrïge Hólle Trei on the same day as its creation, October 27th.

Wassrïge Hólle Trei 1.png Wassrïge Hólle Trei 2.png

However, perhaps SkullerG's most impressive achievement during this period was his journey to the world border via the nether. Attempting to reach the world border for GS Trading Co., SkullerG flew millions of blocks between August and September 2020, with some help from 4Pilot for about 125k. On September 29th, SkullerG finally reached the world border, claiming it for GS Trading Co. and renaming it to "The North Pole".

SkullerG has also participated at several server parties, including MoWobbler's Halloween Tomb Event at Yittrium on October 31st and one at the main end island, hosted by dariepearjuicy, on November 27th.

Most of SkullerG's time throughout late 2020, however, has been dedicated to working on Sternenfall Nochmal and further developing its impressive line-up of farms. Some of SkullerG's farm creations for the base (with help from other GS members) include a gunpowder farm, villager breeder and hall, iron farm, guardian farm, witch farm, sheep farm, and an auto-storage sorter. SkullerG also possesses all possible advancements in the game, and has helped each GS Trading Co. member get it themselves.

GS Trading Co. Group Photo.png


SkullerG owns 5 Top Spots on the SimPvP Statistics Page.

SkullerG is 9 and NOT 12

SkullerG hates you.

SkullerG has officially flown to 2 world borders