Confederacy of Man

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La Confederación
Name: La Confederación
Alts: Confederacy, Confederacy of Man, La Confederación del Hombre
Status: Active

Formed: 02/05/2021

Members: 10
Bases: Nueva Confederada, Phoenix, Three Words, Resurrection

The Confederacy of Man is a mass industrialized catalan faction created by General Nikoxlas in order to fight the inequalities created by the other co-founders of the Spanish Inquisition (the five original were MrDavid99, Diakhaba, Nikoxlas, Chipinazo and PowerXInfinito), and the terrorist attacks of other members, but it ended up being another faction, whose first members were Nikoxlas, NotMykeYT, jaumee21 and Resuki_xD.

Its capital is the industrial city "Phoenix" which construction started after the destruction of the former capital Nueva Confederada.

The main objectives of this faction, which follows the political and economic system called anarcho-capitalism, are the following:

-spread the anarcho-capitalism along the server.

-give military aid to the people who want peace but are forced to go to war.

-destroy the pagan cults (e.g the HSoF) and kill their leaders.

-create lots of industrial packages for the people who need them the most.


The Confederacy of Man was founded after the collapse of the Spanish Inquisition, and its first base was the city Nueva Confederada, which owned powerful industrial factories. The original founders did a election to choose the banner of the clan, and it won the one which is being showed on this wiki page.

The Confederacy showed its intentions to destroy the dangerous pagan cults of the server, including the Holy States of Francis, so Lord1 declared war against the Confederacy. Then, _letrasado said that he would join the HSOF just to attack the confederate players, a statement that ended up on his two bases, Exilio and Exilio II, being discovered, raided and severely griefed by the confederated players Nikoxlas and Resuki_xD.

After that, xexc lied to the confederated players, saying that he was killed and griefed by the HSOF. Then, he leaked to the Confederacy the coords of a francilian industrial complex, which was raided and destroyed by Nikoxlas, NotMykeYT, Resuki and xexc himself.

Then, xexc was invited to Nueva Confederada, Nikoxlas made him a tour of the base and the francilian sent its coords to the HSOF. 12 virgilians raided the base, claiming victory over the Confederacy. However, the brave confederated players traveled for hours and restarted their base, naming it "Phoenix".

When they had already a new, operative base full of factories, the brave, Confederated players, found Three Words, a huge Francilian base, and annexed it with its factories as a Confederated territory, making a rute of portals from 3W to Phoenix.

However, they will give away the coords of the base to make a party here in order to celebrate the unjailing of Resuki and IDenyMyCrits.

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The Confederacy observed that the diamond full enchanted items had very high prices on the market, so it did two measures to stop it:

-it started to produce and sell diamond gear at a very cheap price (for example, full enchanted armor at 1DB)

-it started the Confederacy New Players Aid Program, which is giving lots of powerful items in packages to the new players who truly need them.












-a bunch of inactive fellas