São Porco

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São Porco
São Porco May 13 2021.png
Name: São Porco

Status: Active

Formed: April 19th, 2021

Members: ostrich1414, cheesy_chips22, willowienal, ElectricChugg, MoWobbler, SkullerG, diGGing4Gold, Master_Xybot, iLxgend, Haunter125, bruno_vera, ADHDTV, GentleGiant69
Clans: The Order of Wilbur

São Porco is a city founded by ostrich1414 and cheesy_chips22 on April 19th, 2021. Located along the coast of an extensive jungle biome, São Porco is the successor of the City of the Divine Lord, Wilbur, becoming the newest headquarters for The Order of Wilbur; as such, many of the members of the city are either Wilburians or close allies. São Porco is unique for its theme and aesthetic, being largely influenced by Brazilian architecture and inspired by coastal, tropical cities within the country, including Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. A series of man-made cliffs and hills dot the coastline, boasting Brazilian-style villages, favelas, and highrises.


A New Endeavor

In the spring of 2020, ostrich1414 and cheesy_chips22 had based together, alongside Zepheron, at the City of the Divine Lord, Wilbur (better known as "Wilburia") for many months. At the time, this was The Order of Wilbur's headquarters, and its first group-exclusive city. Unfortunately, the city would fall by May 2020 after an incident in which the Caudices located it using a wolf tracking exploit, annexing the city and forcing its members out. It would sit abandoned for almost a year until being griefed by ostrich1414 and Zepheron in January 2021, upon being discovered by hackers. Since then, cheesy_chips22 had largely gone on an extended hiatus from SimPvP, and ostrich1414 had focused on other projects, while the Order of Wilbur had only focused on small-scale projects.

By April 2021, cheesy_chips22 had finally returned to the server for the first time in months. Ostrich1414 was also arriving back from a short, self-imposed break, and the two instantly reformed their alliance once more. Wanting to bring the Order of Wilbur back to its Wilburia-era glory, the two decided to start a new city, albeit with a completely unique theme from what the server was used to. Rather than strive for another modern cityscape, ostrich1414 suggested a Brazilian theme, with a base inspired by famous Brazilian cities like São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Cheesy_chips22 agreed, and using his supreme skills in terraforming and building, developed ideas for villages, favelas, cliffs, and mountains. After searching for a suitable location, ostrich1414 stumbled upon a large coastal jungle biome, and on April 19th, 2021, the base was founded.

Early São Porco.png

The name "São Porco" was chosen as both an homage to the Brazilian city São Paulo, and as a reference to Wilbur himself (São Porco means "Saint Pig"). Once São Porco was founded, the two invited numerous Wilburians and allied players; within a few days, willowienal, ElectricChugg, MoWobbler, SkullerG, diGGing4Gold, Master_Xybot, and iLxgend joined the city. The first few days of the base's settlement would see a massive surge in progress: much of the jungle's coastline was deforested and replaced with a custom, man-made cliff face, with the design headed by cheesy_chips22 and another portion by Master_Xybot; SkullerG would lead the design of the city's five-level gold farm in only two days; ElectricChugg would design both an iron farm and a raid farm; and diGGing4Gold would focus on the city's primary villager trading hall and breeder.

São Porco Gang 1.png São Porco Gold Farm.png Master Xybot Cliff.png

As the city began to take form, the first major district was birthed as cheesy_chips22 designed São Porco's portal hub on a peninsula, and a village soon took shape around it. Many of São Porco's members built Brazilian-style houses around this central portal hub, and the village soon possessed markets, churches, and residential buildings. Along the coastline of this village, ships were constructed and docked along the ports, giving it a unique maritime feel. Finally, the city was forming itself.

São Porco Gang 2.png São Porco Village.png São Porco May 13 2021.png